A cavalcade of FOs

This past weekend was Crafty Mom weekend at the beach. This was the 10th year for some of us, and it was highly productive for me.

I finished my Heather Hoodie. It’s not blocked yet, but I love it already. It’s big, squishy and warm. And it weighs a ton. It has 9.5 skeins of Brown Sheep Lamb’s Pride Bulky, which means 950 grams, or 33.25 ounces, or nearly two pounds…

hoodie back

…but it doesn’t feel that heavy when I put it on. Working on the button bands was making my hands tired, with all the hood and front stitches crammed on a 26 inch needle.


I started the button band with a full skein of yarn, and this is all I had left when the bands (including around the hood) were done.

ribbing remnant

This sweater was supposed to be a vest, but I wanted sleeves. I changed the straight armholes for a modified drop shoulder, indenting about 2 inches at the underarm. After seaming the shoulders, I picked up stitches at the sleeve cap for no-sew set-in sleeves and knit them flat to the wrist. I’m happy with the result.

What else did I work on? I finished my Athena with my leftover Chroma Worsted. I think this one is for me…finally!

chromathena fo

I finished a cowl in Dream in Color Classy, the color is Deep Sea Flower. I can’t really show it to you yet; I was re-knitting a new design that’s going…somewhere.

blue DIC

I took pictures of an FO in this pretty Pico Accuardi Dyeworks Worsted; the color is Rodgie’s Midnight Dancing. I can’t show you the FO of that, either, but here’s the wrong side so you can admire the yarn.

ws rocky

And I started a new project for Sock Summit, but there’s no picture yet. Mostly I was just trying to get it started. I’m using Knitted Wit‘s Bling yarn, the bluer one on the left.


But enough about me. Carole made a necklace that everyone wanted, so she made a bunch!


And of course the view was spectacular. I woke up on Saturday morning, and where the sun had set the night before, there was a pink orb over the horizon. It was a perfect moon set.

moonset gull

moonset saturday

Twin Rocks was pretty as always. They remind me of a sea serpent.


Although it’s trying to be spring here, there was snow on the hills, and it’s snowing tonight, too.


I could watch the sea and the sky forever. Always changing, but constantly lovely.


How was your weekend?

17 responses to “A cavalcade of FOs

  1. Heather Hoodie looks wonderful and cozy and warm. Gotta love when yarn amounts work out so nicely with that button band skein.

  2. What a gorgeous sweater! And a lovely weekend. Thanks for pics of the ocean, which I usually see just once a year when I go to California. The Great Lakes are quite beautiful, but they aren’t the ocean! I’m going on an art weekend for the first time in March, and I’m very excited about it. I hope mine is as productive as yours!

  3. Gorgeous FOs and gorgeous beach photos. Thanks for sharing. Makes me yearn for Spring!

  4. Man, I want to go to the beach and knit now… Glad you finally got your Athena – you are hereby forbidden to give it away. And that sweater looks delightfully cozy.

  5. That gull you caught reminds ME of a sea serpent!

  6. You inspire me to knit a really warm sweater, and I live in southern Louisiana! Beautifully done!

  7. Wow – Your Heather Hoodie is magnificent! Something else to add to the queue. Did you just use LP Worsted? Looks like you had a great weekend! Robotics will be over soon & then back to knitting (& perhaps blogging…) Nice work!

  8. Everything fabulous. The mods on the hoodie is perfect…so worth every bit of waiting 😀 I can only feel all those excitement of designing, knitting, feeling, and knitting. A wonderful place to be.

    Glad you had another wonderful getaway. Thanks for the gorgeous photos of nature. One can’t have too many 😀 And I do LOVE the OCEAN!

  9. The Hoodie turned out wonderfully and what a lot of FO’s you now have! Busy weekend I’d say. Love the ocean views. I’ve been craving a trip to the seashore. Stuck in with snow today.

  10. Congratulations on finishing the HH! It fits you well & looks great.

  11. I love that cardi!

  12. peacefulknitter

    What a lovely weekend! Your new cardi looks so warm and comfy. Congrats on all the productivity and wave-watching!

  13. oh my goodness what a stunning weekend! And your Hoodie! So much yarn – amazing it doesn’t feel that heavy. I want. I really want.

  14. Woo Hoo!

    You got so much done AND had a great weekend. You really are good.


  15. Love everything! (And so jealous of you being at the beach.) I love your cardi. I made a Green Jeans out of that yarn but I love your hoody!

  16. OMG your cardigan looks incredible! I just love it! And all the beach shots. So nice!