Be on the lookout…

for a suitcase full of lovely knitwear. Local designer Mary Scott Huff’s car was broken into here in Portland, and her knitted garments for her trunk show were stolen. You can read her letter to the thief, hoping against hope that these knits will be returned to her.

msh cover

I hope she gets them back. That’s six months of intensive knitting, gone in a blink.

7 responses to “BOLO

  1. Oh my gosh! That’s awful! I can’t imagine how she must feel to have all her work just taken….and probably tossed once whoever stole them realized they weren’t “valuable”. What a terrible shame.

  2. How awful!!! I remember someone’s shawl was stolen at a fiber show last year (don’t recall which one now) but to me it’s so invasive to have something personal taken from you unauthorized! One of my personal designed shawls was taken from the local shop I consigned it with–it still bothers me to this day…but guess I should be pleased that it brought someone joy bad enough for he/she to have it without paying. Hope it will turn up and return to Mary soon!

  3. That’s terrible! I mean, having your car broken into and anything stolen stinks, but a suitcase full of handknits…yikes. Heartbreaking!

  4. Oh, man! That is heartbreaking!!!

  5. How horrible! I hope everything is returned to her.

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