summer to fall

It’s transition week here in Portland. We have summer flowers and fall leaves.


The Japanese anemone is going strong. I planted a few of these several years ago, and now they are taking over my yard. I took out most of it this spring, but it’s all back.


My cosmos died this summer, but I think it re-seeded itself and came back up through the anemone. The first batch wasn’t nearly as spectacular as these are.


Here’s what’s happening in the neighborhood:




There won’t be any fall color on my flowering plum tree, though. It’s dead. Half of it bloomed this spring, and then the whole thing died. This bird (flicker?) was enjoying it the other day.


Oh! I never showed you the October Single Skein Club package. Here it is:


A sweet pattern for fingerless mitts by Shannon Squire, a ball of Crystal Palace Mini Mochi in one of my favorite colorways (I have 5 balls of this in the same color, different dye lot in my stash from a design idea that didn’t pan out)…


and some really cute stitch markers.


I can’t work on these right now. I’m completely obsessed with one of the things I showed you in the last post. But I can’t show you yet…

18 responses to “summer to fall

  1. I really need to plant more perennials. I have a few, but with two acres , they are a drop in the bucket! Your flowers and neighborhood are nice!

  2. Beautiful colours in all the Fall pics. Sooo inspiring! I have a skein of Mini Mochi in my stash and have been wondering what it could become. Perhaps you’ve answered that question for me.

  3. I love the pattern!

  4. Beautiful fall colors. That yarn is very Noro-esque. Love it.

  5. Pretty pictures & very pretty yarn. That is the one thing I love the most about fall the leaves changing color.

  6. The stitch markers are so adorable!

  7. Thank you for the beautiful flower and leaves pictures. It transported me back to Pdx.
    Fall, right before the rain sets in, is so spectacular!

  8. Stunning photographs! Thank you for a beautiful walk through the colors of the season.

  9. i love the colors in that skein — and in your photos!!!

  10. Beautiful fall colors!

  11. How I love my PNW fall (I’m down in Eugene, same thing is happening here)!

  12. Beautiful! Jealous of the fall colors – we have grey skies & snow in the forecast. Although – I can’t really really complain – we’ve had a pretty sunny & warm fall. Thanks for sharing!

  13. Hi Michele! Thanks for checking on me. I’m alive! I’m just swamped with life and full time school (what was I thinking?!?), so my spare time is limited. I have to use whatever bits of free time I have to knit (rather than blog), or else I start to go crazy! So I’m out here, and I’m knitting! 🙂

    Have a great week!

  14. Clever idea mixing the cosmos w/ the anemones! It’s pretty. I have only white ones, but Paula has offered pink. They are about finished. I did a Lacy Baktus out of that colorway of Mini Mochi. I like it too.

  15. I have a wonderful hat that I knit from that colorway of Mini Mochi! Love the colors and love the yarn! And I also love the hat pattern I used, but that’s another thing all together. The fall colors are so pretty! I’m headed to Portland next weekend, can’t wait to see them in person!

  16. oh those purple berries! SO striking. That was my favourite photo.

  17. It’s a Downey Woodpecker, not a Flicker. Flickers have more yellow.

  18. What a lovely picture post to stumble into in the middle of a cold, wet, late fall/early winter day! 🙂 We had a beautiful fall here in Minnesota, and I was working my tail off and missed most of it. 😦 Your pictures here have totally made my day.

    The cosmos and anemones look *awesome* together! I kind of envy you folks in the Pacific NW — you get enough rain to not need to worry too much about watering in the summer, it gets cool enough to get some (obviously) spectacular fall color, but it doesn’t get so cold that you can’t plant tender things (or freeze all winter). The Midwest is….different.