A crazy idea

Dina has a crazy idea. She’d like to give a handcrafted item to each of the 1617 homeless students in the Beaverton, Oregon school district. The items can be knit, crocheted, sewn, or other. The children are ages 5 through 18, so items of all sizes are needed.

Do you feel a little crazy, too? Do you want to donate? Even better, do you want to get together with other crafters to work on this project? There are opportunities for get-togethers listed on Dina’s blog. See Dina’s blog for details on getting together or donating.

I have a Quincy hat in my stash that I’d be glad to donate. I don’t wear hats; I just wanted to make it because the construction was so intriguing. I think this would be a great way for it to find a home.

quincy deux

Let’s do it!

2 responses to “A crazy idea

  1. Your lovely Quincy will brighten someone’s days especially in the winter months. I read the special calling a few weeks ago and have a box started collecting donated articles. It’s a perfect time for a great cause…wonderful to be a knitter 😀 There are so many opportunities to help those in need.

    Are you going to Canby this weekend? I know there is always an organized group of knitters and spinners from Portland demonstrating there. Hope to see you, Michelle.

  2. Dina also has gotten lots of lovely yarns from LYS and dyers (some Sundara) so that you can knit up a hat, mittens, socks, scarfs, lap blankets. The last couple of weeks she’s been joining us at Whole Foods, but I’m sure she’d be happy to get yarn into more hands for my items to be knit. There’s a Thanksgiving deadline she said last night.

    See you Saturday!