plum busy

September brings plums, and plums mean jam; at least for me. Last year I made 20 jars of jam with the bounty from Vickie’s tree. But I gave away too much at Christmas, and by March I was out of jam. I’ve been (im)patiently waiting for this year’s harvest. Unfortunately, Vickie’s tree didn’t cooperate! I think our strangely rainy and cool extended spring and very short summer have wreaked havoc with the crop. I was reduced to actually buying plums from the supermarket.


These are the biggest Italian prune plums (Damsons) that I’ve ever seen. But they’re the same variety I always use. The inside is greenish yellow, as usual.


And the jam is reddish purple, as usual!


Since I had the water bath canner out, I made another batch of blueberry lime jam, too, using our blueberries from the freezer. This time it set up a lot better than my previous batch.

In other news, my rose is blooming.


And I’m teaching at Twisted this Wednesday evening and next, intro to circular knitting/basic hats. If you’re ready to break out of your straight needle beginnings and move to the next step, contact Twisted to register!

Knitting continues. I’m flying along on the BSJ. I love knitting garter stitch because it’s so good for multi-tasking; I usually watch a movie or read. It’s hard to get the book to stay open to the right page without using my hands, though. Luckily for me, DH gave me a Kindle for my birthday. (In addition to the rose planting!)


Do you multi-task while knitting, too?

11 responses to “plum busy

  1. That BSJ is looking very cute! My husband bought me a Kindle a month ago, and I love it. It was perfect for our trip to France — it made packing so much easier. I just need to remember to buy more books in advance when traveling internationally, as the Whispernet doesn’t work abroad, and we just rely on a Blackberry for internet (not my laptop) while traveling.

    Doesn’t that image of Emily Dickinson freak you out? Her eyes are so scary! Whenever that one pops up, I have to turn my Kindle on and then off again to get a new image.

  2. Hide at least 12 jars of jam for next year. That way you know there will be jam no matter how much you give away. ;^)

  3. My laptop sits open by my chair so that I can watch TweetDeck scroll by while I listen to an audio book, watch TV, read an ebook or knit! Often more than one of these happens simultaneously! It makes it really hard to get up to do laundry or the dishes!!!

  4. Totally a multi-tasker. I might have jars in the boiling water bath, or pressure canner – sneaking a few minutes to knit a row or two. Or, watching a movie with the boys while I knit a hat or scarf or some baby booties. I’ve recently become able to knit in the car – which in prior life made me totally hurl – now, not at all! Hooray! Every break at work – some small project or the other stuffed into my purse and just waiting for a few rows to be worked. Gosh – I’m addicted, huh?!

  5. Your jam looks beautiful. I’m reading blogs while knitting…or taking a break from knitting, as it were. I cannot believe the fruity bounty in OR right now; we have raspberries in the back yard!

  6. I love it! the kindle is brilliant. I usually watch the telly or chat with whom ever is in the room!

  7. That jam looks wonderful. Think I probably have Green Tomato Chutney in my future though!

  8. Yum—jam looks great. I love those quilted jars. They make the jam/jelly look even better.

    Multi-tasking and knitting — well, I guess I do. I can do laundry, watch tv and knit all at the same time. Or cook something simple and knit — or drink coffee with friends and knit. (Sometimes with that I end up tinking though)

  9. Plum jam looks yummy delicious. Your rose is spectacular in such a short time–I wonder what magic food you or the church feed it?

    Though hubby keeps reminding me that we are not designed to multi-tasking–our brains don’t like it, I can’t help but attend to every need of the kids, knitting, spinning, and watching our Chinese movies/soaps…so little time, so much to do.

  10. Inspired by your plum post, I made a plum clafoutis. The recipe was from the Mastering the Art of French Cooking my dad got me for Christmas last year. It didn’t go exactly the way it was supposed to, but it still tasted good! =)

    I’m not very familiar with plums. I used red plums and they were good (so sweet I didn’t need the extra sugar). Is there a big flavor difference?

  11. oh yes I do! I’m reading your blog while working on long rows of rib!

    Blueberry and lime sounds amazing. I’m going to obsess about that. I can feel it!

    I love how the green plums make a totally different coloured jam!