New on the needles…classy knitting

Or class knitting, at least.

mochi 1

I’ll be teaching entrelac in the round at Twisted using my Athena pattern in November. I’m knitting a new shop sample because Twisted won’t be carrying Crystal Palace Taos, the original yarn I used when designing Athena. The new sample is in Crystal Palace Mochi Plus, and it’s really lovely.

mochi 2

The colors are very rich. The yarn is 80% merino wool, 20% nylon, single spun. It has long color runs with gradual color changes, which is great for entrelac. It doesn’t have areas of two color tweediness the way the Taos does. It’s a great substitute. And it’s sooooo soft.

cp mochi

There was one odd section where two colors were joined; you can see it at the top of the ball. The yarn was pretty thick and unspun there (like a bad spinning join). I tried thinning it out, giving it more twist and knitting it in, but it was still distorting my knitting, so I decided to omit this bit of yarn. But I like the yarn well enough to forgive it this little indiscretion. It’s going to be lovely.

The class is on November 3, from 6 to 8 p.m. Your Athena won't be done by the end of the evening, but you'll know everything you need to know to finish!

To register for this class, contact Twisted.

6 responses to “New on the needles…classy knitting

  1. Love Mochi yarns mini and plus…but must knit with care as you stated. Underspun presents a problem at times. Love the colors in the sample. Happy Fall!

  2. I have made three of these cowls — two with Mochi Plus — loved each one more than the last. The pattern is wonderfully clear (I’d never done entrelac before). The Mochi Plus is a little uneven but as you say, the color and the softness make it forgiveable. Hmm — maybe it’s time to make a fourth?

  3. Yum, that Mochi Plus looks great!

  4. Laurie Nelesen

    I Just finished a cute baby jacket using Mochi Plus. Just love the feel of it when you knit but I too had the same problem with them joining yarn with an unspun spot. But as with you it has to be forgiven since it is such a dream to knit with!!!!

  5. I love how it works up in entrelac. It’s BEAUTIFUL!

  6. I wish I could take your class!!! I may buy that brand new entrelac book — have you seen it? There’s also a cute new entrelac pattern on Petite Purls. I’ve never tried it before but I love the way it looks!