Cast on!

My yarn order came in at Close Knit. It’s Brown Sheep Lamb’s Pride Bulky in Bing Cherry. Isn’t it luscious? The red is so deep and rich. Just like, well, a bing cherry!


I’m knitting a Heather Hoodie Vest. It has OXO cables similar to the ones on my fingerless mitts, but they’re much wider. I’m planning to make this vest into a sweater with long sleeves, and to make the hood smaller. I’ll never wear the hood; I just need it for style points. I never wear the hood on my Central Park Hoodie, either.

cast on

Here’s where I am so far after 2 hours or so. I’m enjoying the fat yarn on my size 10 Lantern Moon ebony circulars. The needles are smooth, and the yarn is chunky and quick to knit. We’ll see how long this takes. I’d like to wear it before it gets too warm!


And while I’m thinking of my Hugs and Kisses OXO Cable Fingerless Mitts, I should remind you that all proceeds from online sales until Valentine’s Day are going to Doctors Without Borders for Haiti Earthquake Relief. I’m up to $245; can we make it up to $300? let’s do it!

11 responses to “Cast on!

  1. That color is just so pretty! That is going to be lovely!

  2. I may just have to pick up some BS chunky while I’m at their factory this week! Lovely project.

  3. Yum, bing cherries. I’m starving for summer fruits! Thanks for the reminder about your pattern. I’ve been meaning to go over and buy it

  4. I love Bing Cherries…in real life 😀 It makes this my favorite sweater. Great choice of color…you look great in red. I don’t wear my hood either but it gives a nice, warm, cozy feel around the neck especially in this chilly climax! By the way, we have a Shop Hop bus coming through your way on April 10–I can’t wait…in the planning stage and may come to you for expert advices.

  5. Bing cherries…yum…bring on summer!!!

    I heart the OXO cable motif…one of my faves!! Lovely sweater!!

  6. Yarn yummy enough to eat! 😉 Well when you love Bing cherries that is.

    Good luck with your goals!

  7. LOVE the color and the way this is knitting up! BTW, finished my Hugs and Kisses-well-just need to weave in the ends!

  8. I don’t think I ever wear any of the hoods on any of the hoodies I have, but I too just like the look of them.

    And I thought I only had until the end of January for the XOXO mitts for Haiti, and I’d missed it, so had put it on my pick-it-up-eventually list. I might just have to buy it sooner than later after all…

  9. Love that color!

    Keep knitting! I want to see more.


  10. That is just beautiful!

  11. This is such a fun pattern! I have one started for my daughter…it’s been languishing, but I promised her it would be my first Ravelypmics project I’d work on for the WIP event! 🙂 It really does knit up pretty quickly. Love the color of yours!