OFFF stash enhancement

So what did I get at OFFF?

A few very carefully chosen goodies!


My main goal for this festival was to buy another spindle. I love my Turkish Delight, but I wanted one more spindle so I can experiment with one while the other has an ongoing spinning project. I thought I’d try a top-whorl spindle. I found out that there are a lot of spindles out there, with a wide range of prices. I bought this cherry and red cedar Kundert spindle and the book, Productive Spindling, at the Carolina Homespun booth.


Here’s the underside. The fiber is a sample from Abstract Fiber; it was in the goodie bag from WWSiPDay. (Thanks to Susan for donating, and Tami for organizing!)


It spins for a long time, and I’ve learned to roll it off my leg so it really gets going fast. Just another hint from the Productive Spindling book by Amelia Garripoli. I have a lot to learn!

I also bought four one ounce fiber knots from Knitted Wit. I love the colors, and I could see using handspun from these for colorwork, interspersed on a background of commercial black or white yarn. At $3 a knot, it’s a completely non-threatening experiment fiber (merino, yummy).

My last purchase was a small maple niddy-noddy from Ol Lar’s Drop Spindles. Isn’t it pretty? I almost bought a bubinga top-whorl spindle from them, but it was gone when I went back. That’s probably a good thing, because I was just going to impulse buy it because it was so beautiful! I had already bought the Kundert the day before.


It comes apart and turns into this.


Pretty restrained, huh? Now to go spin all that fluff! And Lorajean gave me a braid of merino/silk in her Rose City colorway to thank me for helping her set up. It’s gorgeous. Thanks, LJ!


7 responses to “OFFF stash enhancement

  1. yay for new fluffy toys! I’m going to go unwrap mine now and get to spinning.

  2. Oh no! Is that is second stash I see you starting? Once you’re on the slippery slope it’s a long ride.

  3. oooh roving! That’s what I was waiting for. Gorgeous! And you really do need a niddy noddy if you’re going to spin.

  4. Oh, so jealous! You made some wonderful choices and can’t wait to hear more of your spindling. I’ve been spinning on the drop spindle for about 6 months now and am so addicted.

  5. WOW! Love all your goodies! I’ve got a Kundert and love it! And I love Carolina Homespun-Morgaine taught me what little I know of spindlilng (I’ve gotten snippets here and there whenever I’ve seen her at shows, though I’ve stopped into her place, too!) She has the best spindles! I hope you realize that this is the beginning of many more…!

  6. Very nice choices – you keep on tempting me to start spinning again!

  7. Lovely choices. Once I picked up a spindle it was all over and now I spin . . . a lot.