Knit your fingers to the bone, what do you get?

Baby Hat Palooza!


We’re having a little baby boom at church. The music director’s baby received the pink baby bolero last month. We’re having a baby shower for three new moms this weekend, so I did a hat trick! (hockey, anyone?)

This is the tomato cap from Ann Norling’s Fruit Cap pattern (Rav link). It was my standard baby gift for a long time.


This is my own watermelon cap. Here’s a link to my free pattern.


And this is Elsa. The little knot in the pattern makes me think of Elsa Schiaparelli’s Bow Knot sweater, even though it’s nothing like it. It’s just a little decoration. I envision the knot worn above the ear, but anything can happen once it leaves my hands! Front and center? Down the back? Whatever!


I’m offering the Elsa pattern for free. It’s a simple pattern, quick and easy to knit with dk weight yarn. I used Sublime Yarns Baby Cashmere Merino Silk DK, so mine is quite the little luxury knit. I hope you like it!

25 responses to “Knit your fingers to the bone, what do you get?

  1. you are a blogging fool!

  2. Thank you for the Elsa pattern, it is so sweet.

  3. Sooo cute! (And great photos too — do you use a fancy light box?) Hats are my all-time favorite project — they’re quick, a great stash buster and extremely wearable gifts.

    • No fancy light box, just a big piece of white tagboard folded in half so it’s both base and background, placed on the piano bench and blinds opened. I usually have to lighten the pictures with photo editing software, too, because the camera reads the white as gray.

      I did just get a new P&S camera, Lumix DMC-ZS1, which has a very wide angle (26mm?) and 12x optical zoom, and great macro. Still figuring out all the bells and whistles, but it’s small and I just slip it in my bag!

  4. Wow! Just whipped those out? Why do I have to be working on long projects. I want some short satisfying knits.

    Scarfs are not quick.

  5. what a glorious selection of hats! Fantastic!

  6. So cute! Thanks for sharing the patterns.

  7. Those should be joyfully received by the moms-to-be. Lovely!

  8. They are ALL so cute, but I have a special sweet spot for the watermelon!

  9. adorable hats – and thank you for the free patterns!

  10. That Ann Norling pattern w/ all the different fruit hats was one of the most popular patterns I remember selling at the LYS I used to work at. Silly me, I never bought one for myself! LOL

  11. I totally get the hockey reference! Tossing my hat onto the ice to celebrate your hat trick. Very cute and beautifully knit (as always).

  12. WAY CUTE! And I have babies to knit for, too, though not necessarily pressing.

  13. It does always seem that babies come in a surge, doesn’t it? These are all lovely little projects!

  14. They are so adorable!

  15. Adorable hats all but that little pink one is to die for!

  16. Those are darling! Glad you got them done in time for the shower!

  17. Also…nice picture of them on the piano!

  18. Very cute hats!

    I was thinking about the watermelons and watermelon knits. The knits always have black seeds. I can’t remember the last time I saw a SEEDED watermelon at the store. My 4 yr old will grow up not knowing what SEEDED watermelon really looks like.