Mitered square, redux

Here’s the second mitered square. Looks just like the first one, except it’s 10 inches (as requested), not 11 inches, on each side. Much better! This picture is truer to the color than yesterday’s post.

square 2

In other news, we had a house finch building a nest in the wreath on our front porch last week.


I was excited to see an egg in the nest. But apparently, Mama Bird got spooked. When she realized that it was a high traffic area, she decided to get out of Dodge. I think she broke the egg and split. See the piece of speckled shell on the left edge of the nest?


We had a nest in the same place a couple years ago; it was sweet to watch the baby birds grow. But it gave the parents a lot of angst with all the comings and goings through the front door. I guess she’ll be nesting in the shrubs instead, but that means no pictures! Here are a couple pix from 2007.

bird babies

We worried when there was one left behind. We named him Louie.

just one left

and rejoiced the next day when he flew away!

10 responses to “Mitered square, redux

  1. We’ve had baby birds in the bird houses on the front porch for a few years now. They are so cute to watch but noisy. And the parents get really upset with us when we go out the front door. None have shown up yet, I do so hope they do.

  2. How nice to have the nest so close to look at and even be able to take pictures. The first year we moved into our house a hummingbird made a nest in a tree right outside our kitchen window. I could see everything without bothering the birds. It was so fun to watch.

  3. Five years ago my parents gave me a hanging basket of fuschias. We hung it by the front door and enjoyed them that summer. We were a bit lazy taking the basket down and then next spring a bird thought it was the perfect place to build a nest. We were then stuck with leaving it up so that they could hatch.

    Maybe a nice bird house near the front porch is needed?

    • We had a nest in our fuchsias one year, too! The birds nested over a long weekend when we were away; it was a surprise to all of us when we returned. I loved hearing the babies sing for their supper. I think a bird house in our *back* yard would be a good idea. The front porch is a little square, opens onto the driveway where I park the car on one side, and the front walk on the adjacent side. The other two sides are on the house. Too busy for birds!

  4. I like the square and I LVOE the birdie in the nest. Nice.

  5. Oh those pictures from last year are so adorable! Shame the bird flew away this year… Last year we had a family of robins make a nest in my son’s cycling helmet in the garage. It was too cute!

  6. Too bad the mama left! 😦 Cute babies! I hope she’ll build in a better spot next year!

  7. We only get wasp nests. Your cute little birdies are much better.

  8. He is so very sweet!

  9. It’s all about location. Do you think Mama Bird will move back in if you moved the wreath a little further from the front door? Then you can still watch the baby birds grow up.