Blue, blue, my yarn is blue

I taught a fun class over at Twisted on Thursday night. “Tink, Drop, Frog: How Do I Fix This?!” It’s aimed at relatively new knitters, and has a lot of hands on practice. We put their swatches through their paces! All the students had taken a class on knitting in the round with me, so it was like a reunion party. I think we all had a good time, and they came away with some new skills. I’m teaching this class again in July, and already looking forward to it.

Before class started, I bought a little something.


One skein of Claudia Hand Painted Yarn, Silk Lace 20/2, 100% silk, 1100 yards/100 grams in Deep Blue. I had to wind it by hand; apparently silk tends to slip off the swift at the shop. Cathy helped me at knit nite, thank goodness; 1100 yards is a lot! I wound most of it, found myself in a tangle, wound another ball from the other end and got most of the rest. One section was beyond my patience that night, but I don’t think I’ll need *all* of the yarn for my project. What project? Ishbel, a lovely shawl by Isolda Teague. I saw this knit up on several other blogs, and it called my name.

The yarn is so much finer than the worsted weight mitered square I’ve been knitting. It will be a shock to the fingers! But the needles aren’t tiny (4 mm/US 6), so that will help!

Here’s my completed mitered square. I used leftovers from the stash: Plymouth Galway in navy, Crystal Palace Taos in a blue variegated.

square one

Isn’t it interesting how subtle the Taos looks when it’s surrounded by navy? Much different than it looked in Athena, where the colors were concentrated in entrelac blocks instead of strung out along a long row.


Unfortunately, I was a little too confident of my gauge, and never re-measured after the first two color stripes. Gauge for worsted before was with KnitPicks Wool of the Andes and Lantern Moon Ebony needles; this square is slightly heavier Plymouth Galway and Clover Bamboo needles. Two variables that I didn’t take into consideration. The 10 inch square measures 11 inches. Since you can block knitting bigger, but not smaller, it’s back to, um, square one! This was a very soothing knit, and I think I just needed to do it for the quiet joy of it all. More joy to come.

12 responses to “Blue, blue, my yarn is blue

  1. The Taos and Athena are both lovely – the colours just glow. Nice entrelac!

  2. I haven’t had any problem yet with silk on a swift. I do know that you need to work from the outside though. Collapsing causes all that nasty knotting. Brandon is wonderful about helping with knotted yarn, he has the patience to help on knot where I would lose it and pitch it at the nearest wall.

    Very pretty blues too!

  3. The blues are all beautiful, but there isn’t a blue that isn’t beautiful to me. I love that phrase “quiet joy,” and sometimes that’s just what knitting is.

  4. hopefully i’ll finish and i’ll be able to stretch it out!!

  5. Gorgeous blues!!! How pretty will Ishbel be in that Claudia’s lace!

  6. What a great idea for a class – I know I could use a great “oops, fix-it” learning experience. Can’t wait to see your Ishbel – I’ve been considering it as well.

  7. That shawl will look lovely in that blue. I’ve never worked with lace weight yarn before.

  8. Ishbel is beautiful, and it will look absolutely gorgeous on that yarn. I want to fetch it out of the monitor and stroke it!

  9. I love that blue yarn, it will make an amazing Ishbel!

  10. Pretty blues! Pretty miter and entrelac too!

  11. I really enjoyed teaching the 1st class I did. How exciting that you are teaching more frequently.

    I’m a sucker for blue. Love your yarn!