Birthday bumper crop

April seems to be full of birthdays! I’ve been making all sorts of jewelry gifts this past week, and I’m not done yet.

spirals bracelet

I fell in love with these lilac colored spiral beads at Dava. The spiral is kind of a bronze color, and the bronzy beads were a perfect match. But the bracelet was boring with just the two beads alternating, so I added the white ones. The white ones have square holes lined with something shiny; it doesn’t show that much but it adds a little zing. And the white beads meant that I could use silver findings that I already had, rather than bronze. I like this piece so much that I’m going to have to make one for me, too.

pink pearls

I really like knotting pearls on silk cord. The more I do, the better they get. It was hard to photograph this correctly, but these pearls are pink, and the cord is purple. Very girly for a 7 year old girly-girl! I hope she likes it. I also made a green on green set for Carole, but forgot to take a picture.

pearl crystal necklace

And fresh water pearls and Swarovski crystals for DH’s 17 year old niece. A bit casual, a bit grown up. Just like her.

Beading is faster than knitting! But I’ve been knitting, too. Just not enough to have any FO pix yet. Last night was knit nite, and I helped Sarah turn her very first sock heel. The first one is a leap of faith, and suddenly it goes from flap to heel, a little miracle. Sarah won one of the Lantern Moon needle cases, so I brought that to her last night, too. I’m not sure which was the bigger thrill, the heel or the case! Pretty happy all around.

18 responses to “Birthday bumper crop

  1. Beautiful!!!!!

  2. Very pretty! I especially like the spiral beads on the bracelet. Great choice!

  3. Your swirlies make me want to start making jewelry, too. I love them. I just bought those little white ones with the square centers to bead into a sweater. Lots of fun. I have beads from my sister. Maybe you could help me make something beautiful with them someday.

  4. Pretty! See I mainly know a bunch of people who have early May birthdays (and so do I actually). That being said, if I took up beading I think my mom would kill me, for using all of her bead stash (her beading room is next door to my room). I do need to get some beads for spinning though.

  5. Very pretty! I love the pearl one.

  6. Those are gorgeous! The birthday girls are very lucky. Isn’t it fun to see someone learn the magic of a sock heel? It’s almost as fun as blocking lace out.

  7. Very nice. You should be popular at those birthday parties. My fave? The bracelet. Yummy!

  8. Oh my! You are an endless source of talent!

    Beautiful! I really like the swirly beads and the knotted pearls!!

    Happy Easter!

  9. Just gorgeous! And those purple beads are awesome.

  10. I love the jewelry.

  11. Beautiful jewelry, I especially like the spiral bead bracelet. Lucky birthday girls! Just curious, what will you make for boy birthdays?

  12. gettingpurlywithit

    SOOO PRETTY!!!! I especially love the pearls…

    hmmm… handknitted linen top with a pearl necklace… pretty pretty pretty!

  13. Beautiful jewelry! Almost makes me want to try the beading again. And a sock convert! I always love turning the heel, it’s just so magical each time.

  14. They are all so pretty! I really love the first one – gorgeous!

  15. I love the second one, it’s so elegant! I love beading too >_< But I almost think I’m faster at knitting than beading. Haha
    ❤ Em

  16. These are all beautiful!!!

  17. Reading your blog about the needle case and turning the heel made me realize that I was SOOO excited about my sock that I never even properly thanked you for the needle case!!!! Geez, that’s what a first sock will do for your memory!
    thanks once again, Michele!!!

  18. I’m sure each recipient will totally treasure their gift. You put so much thought into creating the perfect piece for each person. Kudos.