Think pink! and purple, and…


shurt fo

The Shur’tugal (Dragon Rider) socks are done. And I love them! The color pooling has been vanquished (except maybe a hint of a pink puddle on one side of each of the ankles), the spiral has been embraced, and all is well.

shurt fo 2


Shur’tugal by Alice Yu (Socktopus), knit for the Ravelry Socks that Rock 2nd quarter Knitalong.
Blue Moon Fiber Arts Socks that Rock Mediumweight in Bleeding Hearts
Size 1 Lantern Moon Blond wood Sox Stix (I really like these 6 inch needles!)

shurt model

I modified the pattern to from 56 stitches to 48 to compensate for the heavier yarn and to escape the color pooling I had with 56. The socks look narrow, but they are a perfect fit. The fabric is pretty stretchy; I think they would also have fit at 56 stitches, but they wouldn’t have been nearly as pretty. And these are very, very pretty.

shurt model 2

I love the detail on the heels.

shurt heels

Thanks to Alice (Socktopus) for a great knit!

26 responses to “Think pink! and purple, and…

  1. Very very pretty! Just like your flowers. 🙂

  2. They look great! Changing the number of stitches was definitely the right move. I love the stripey effect that they have now.

  3. LOVE these socks! These are the kinds of socks that inspired me to start knitting. Gorgeous colors and I love the design!

  4. Wow, you’re fast ! And no eyeballs in sight. I hope you’re keeping all these lovely socks for yourself.

  5. Very pretty! I’m thinking of using my Wisteria Shibuiknits with this pattern and now you’re making me want to start them soon! Must finish second Burnside Winter Twilight Mitt first though.

  6. Beautiful! Love them. The more I see of things like this, the more I think I’d better try socks.

  7. gettingpurlywithit


    I can so see you with your feet up in the air taking pictures. Ah the things we do for our blog…

  8. STOP KNITTING SUCH COOL SOCKS…I already have too much to knit as it is1!!


    Love em

  9. Beautiful yarn and a beautiful pattern >_< I can’t wait now to start knitting some socks!
    ❤ Em

  10. I love those socks! What a great color!

  11. What a difference! You would have never worn them at 56 stitches. Now, I suspect you’ll never take them off!

  12. Beautiful! I’m still plugging away on my 1st sock. Long plane flight to the East coast tonight – hopefully that’ll afford some quality knitting time.

  13. Beautiful! And the queue keeps growing.

  14. They look great! Love the pink!

    Why the 6″ over the 5″? I’ve been trying out DPNs again and most folks seem to prefer the 5″.

    • I like the 6″ needles because they’re just the right length for my hand.
      When I tried the 5″ needles, the end would keep rubbing against the pinky
      side of my hand, and it was irritating (poky). The point of the 6″ needle is
      just past the edge of my hand. But most people love those 5 inch needles, so
      I must hold mine funny! Whatever works!

  15. LOVE the colours and your socks! The way the colours spiral up is just gorgeous.

  16. Beautiful. Job well done!

  17. Pretty colors, the socks look really nice on and I love the photo with the tulips (I’m sure they enjoyed their outing too).

  18. Those look gorgeous!! Great job!!!

  19. They look great! I still can’t believe 48 stitches was enough!

  20. Those are absolutely amazing! My socks never seem to quite turn out right. I think I need to go up one needle size from what the pattern calls for. I’m too chicken to try, though. Beautiful job!

  21. Awesome Michele, they are beautiful. And thank you again for the needle holder and everything. It was a great pick me up after a horrible week

  22. Oh! Those are SO PURDY!

  23. Gorgeous! Love the colors…