What is a sock

What is a sock start, but a gauge swatch?

Yesterday’s foray with the Bleeding Heart Shur’tugal left me cold. That big blobby pool of pink just didn’t make me happy. The spiral reversed direction between the ribbing and the dragon scale pattern, and the area where it reversed was like a big pink eyeball. I couldn’t take it, so I ripped it out.

bleeding hearts

The pattern calls for 64 or 72 stitches. I had already reduced it to 56 stitches on size 1 needles because I’m using STR Mediumweight instead of Lightweight. I knew if I increased to 64 stitches, I would have to knit on size 0 or 00 needles. No way. So I went the other direction, and cast on 48 stitches on size 2 needles. (ETA: I thought they were 2’s, but they’re still 1’s! I guess I can switch back to my new Lantern Moon blondwood Sox Stix, since they’re the same size as these Brittany Birch.)


(Please excuse the harsh lighting. The sun actually came out, hooray!)

What a well behaved spiral. Just what I wanted, and it looks a lot like the spiral on the designer’s revised pattern for Shur’tugal. (Ravelry link for the updated pattern, but I don’t think you can get it elsewhere. Join Ravelry; it’s free!)

So I’m much happier. The sock is a little snugger, but still big enough for my leg and my foot. And there’s no pink eyeball. Ahhhhh.

16 responses to “What is a sock

  1. Oh a pink eyeball would be scary. It really does look better. Good call.

  2. Wow – what a difference a needle size makes -great spirals! I also have this colorway; thanks for the warning about pooling! :0)

  3. See I knew you’d figure it out, you are the queen.

  4. Ooo…pretty colors in that yarn! 🙂 Glad you found a way to make it work!

  5. I like the spirals on the second attempt much better! I guess I should watch out for crazy pooling when I start mine too.

  6. LOL @ pink eyeball. cute socks! =^_^=

  7. You have a bleeding heart in your yard blooming?! Wow just the Asian pear, vinca minor, and daffodils are currently blooming over here on the westside.

    Very pretty sock too!

  8. You triumphed – bravo!

  9. Very pretty – glad that you figured out how to get the nice stripes! I love bleeding hearts, and I’m jealous you have some blooming!

  10. It looks great!

  11. Beautiful!! And Yay! for the sunshine!! 🙂

  12. I’m so jealous! All my bleeding hearts are just little blobs of green right now; I would kill for a blossom, sigh. Your Shur’tugals are coming right along and the colors are gorgeous! No pink eyeballs are a very good thing.

  13. Oh this is coming out much better than the pink eyeball version! So nice that you managed to sort it out and the best part is that it still fits your foot. 🙂 This looks like the same wickerwork stitch pattern I used in a washcloth back in 2006 (http://smariek.blogspot.com/2006/08/twist-to-left-twist-to-right.html). Those twisty stitches create such a nice effect.

  14. BTW, I don’t recall if I mentioned this or not… I am not entering in your latest needle case contest since I won the last one. It certainly wouldn’t be fair to win twice in a row.

  15. Hello from Norwich, Vermont. Thought i would pay you a visit and as usual got all excited about your socks and the abc markers! If you think OR is green VT is emerald green. Quite the experience. We visited the law school today and they have composting toilets! Only brought 4 knitting projects with me. Add my name to your contest. You know how much I can use a needle case!! Have you atarted the toe up socks yet You can do it!

  16. So pretty!! I can’t wait to start this KAL!