I feel lucky…

The Lantern Moon “Beat the Winter Blahs” event on Thursday was really fun! They were well organized, and that’s saying a lot for a first time event. Nine local yarn shops were there, each featuring something from their stores. Twisted featured socks and local designers, and I was thrilled to see my patterns and Athena sample there, too. Thank you, Shannon & Emily!

Yarn Garden was giving away yarn and patterns for chemo caps and scarves, and I scored a ball of Katia Cindy, a worsted weight acrylic.


The other yarn pictured is Lantern Moon Silk Gelato, a silk taffeta ribbon that knits up to super-bulky gauge. Leigh Radford was there signing books, and I believe she developed this yarn in collaboration with Lantern Moon. She asked me if I had ever knit with it, and offered me a ball to try. Sweet! It’s really pretty; I’ll have to find a good project for it.

I finally met Nancy, who works at Close Knit and designs and blogs at GettingPurlyWithIt. We talked a bit about designing; I’m glad to have met her.

Abundant Yarn and Dyeworks was there, too. I visited their shop last Friday for the first time*; Sellwood is a long haul from my neighborhood! They have beautiful yarns, and their staff is loads of fun.

There were about 200 knitters there, including many of my favorite knitfriends (knitfiends?). A fabulous party! (I forgot my camera; no party pix.) Shopping in the warehouse; that was a great opportunity to see the full product line. I am in love with the Bindi tote, but resisting so far. There were raffles throughout the evening, and I was a winner! Didn’t I say that I feel lucky? I won a Lantern Moon Gidget bag!


It’s gorgeous. And it holds a lot. I think it’s going to be my new teaching bag, for my supplies when I’m teaching at Twisted. Or going to knit nite. Or wherever!

I really am lucky. Lucky to win, lucky to live in Portland, which is a knitters’ mecca with so many great yarn stores and the home of Lantern Moon, which makes my favorite needles and bags. Lucky to be supported as a fledgling designer by my LYS. Life is good.

*Oh, my trip to Abundant? What could lure me to Sellwood before I knew about the Butternut Farms Super Sock Yarn? Deb Accuardi was having a launch party at Abundant for her new newsletter about spinning, cooking, gardening…she does it all! She even made a fabulous vegetarian risotto for us that evening. She’s multi-talented; check out her blog at Deb on the Web!

9 responses to “I feel lucky…

  1. that was so much fun! I’m SO close to finishing my shawl. I made myself go to bed instead of finish it. So I think another hour today and it will be done!

  2. SO jealous! I love that bag… it’s gorgeous!

    It’s not fair… I never win cool knitting stuff.

  3. So much fun! And how lucky are you to have won that lovely bag?? Enjoy it!

  4. Sounds like a fabulous evening! And lucky you..that bag is gorgeous!

  5. gettingpurlywithit

    Hi Michele, I am happy to finally have met you too.
    Also nice to talk to you about designing.

    It is interesting to hear another designer’s point of view about certain matters.

    Hope to meet you again in future and maybe we could ponder some more about designing/writing patterns/photography and what not!

  6. Love the bag! What a great prize.

  7. Sounds like a great time – and nice wins!

  8. I am very happy for you. Upstate NY is for sure not like where you are. oh well.

  9. Sounds like a fun way to spend the evening. Gidget looks like a fabulous bag. (The name makes me think of Sandra Lee though…)