Like Cleopatra…

Queen of Denial.

Um, I bought some yarn. Now, you may remember me saying that I don’t stash. And I don’t.


Because it’s sock yarn. And so many of you have said that sock yarn doesn’t count as stash.


Besides, I’m not a sock knitter, right? At least not with skinny yarn. Like this stuff.


Butternut Woolens fingering weight, Ocean colorway.

It looked thicker than fingering, more like sport. We’ll see. I wanted to make another pair of the Seafoam Socks that I’m designing, with lighter (but not too much lighter) weight yarn. So it’s not really stash, it’s next in the queue.

Did it matter that I’d bought this, earlier in the week, for the same reason?


Not really. Because I subsequently realized that the Lanaloft isn’t superwash, which I like for socks. (Although I do have worsted sox that aren’t superwash, and they do fine. Shhhhh!)

But here’s the other thing. I need to make something for the church’s youth group dinner auction. I think it’s going to be another pair of Arctic Blast Mitts, but this time in icy blue instead of off-white. Like this Malabrigo Silky Wool that I, uh, bought yesterday afternoon.


Stop laughing! It’s not stash unless I don’t knit with it this month…

16 responses to “Like Cleopatra…

  1. I believe the first step is to admit you have a problem.

  2. This is how it begins…

    But the yarn is all gorgeous, so definitely worth it.

  3. Keep on denying… with yarns like these stash is good. LOL

  4. You’ve been busy! Maybe you should knit yourself a crown while you’re at it…a Queen of Denial crown! Eh, a little stash is good for inspiration, right?!

  5. I don’t see any problem with having a stash. People collect all sorts of weird stuff, at least you have a chance of using the yarn. Plus it’s a lot prettier then baseball cards or coins.

  6. They all look lovely. At least you have short term plans for the yarn. What do you have against forming a stash? Shash is a good thing! It’s like saving for a rainy day. Yeah, that’s it. I’m prepared for 40 days of rain.

    I just added more sock yarn to my stash today. I’m supposed to be on a yarn diet/fast this year and shop only from stash, but since sock yarn doesn’t count …
    now I have 14(?) pairs of socks waiting to be knit up.

  7. I have to have the ocean yarn – did you get it at Twisted? HAVE to have it.

  8. Stash? What stash? It’s a *collection*.

  9. I believe “stash” is a term addicts use …

  10. Best cast on, then. Good luck in making good on all that knitting! VBG!

  11. i love that last one, I would bid on that! I like your stash rule by the way

  12. well, ya know, when you decide it’s stash and no longer to be yours…let me know, I’ll unload that Butternut Woolens fingering weight, Ocean colorway right off of your hands πŸ˜€

  13. Those are all beautiful yarns to be added to your nonstash!

  14. LOL… admit it. It’s stash!


    I promise I won’t tell anyone, though. πŸ˜‰

  15. You’re going to be a sock knitter yet! πŸ™‚

    And I LOVE that Malabrigo Silky Wool! I used it this past Christmas for a Just Enough Ruffles scarf for a friend, and it was wonderful to work with…felt so nice! I’ve still got a skein of it around here, as the scarf didn’t take as much as I bought…must find something lovely to make for myself with it! But not another scarf…I’m getting scarfed out this year. :}

  16. Be very very careful…its a slippery slope!! Those are gorgeous btw!