Ebony and Ivory…

ab mitts

I just finished my Arctic Blast Mitts, and I love them. They’re like little clouds. Sweet!

ab mitts 2

The only mod I made was unintentional; I was supposed to end with 5 rounds of ribbing, and I ended with two. Didn’t read closely, duh! But they’re the perfect length on my small hands; 5 rounds would have made them too long. I meant to do that; yeah, that’s the ticket…


This is the first time I’ve used a sewn bind off. It was easy, and it’s nice and stretchy. And I loved the arrowhead lace pattern on this so much that I started my blue Marisol Hacho socks in the same pattern. But the lace is completely lost in the variegation, so it’s back to the drawing board on those.

Arctic Blast Mitts, pattern by Star Athena, exclusively for Twisted‘s Single Skein Club
Malabrigo Silky Merino, 1 skein (50 grams), with a decent amount left over
Lantern Moon 6-inch Ebony Sox Stix, size 3


I love these needles; they’re the perfect length for the way I hold the my needles. And they’re more blunt than pointy, which fits my “scoop” rather than “poke” method of knitting.


16 responses to “Ebony and Ivory…

  1. They’re very pretty, and they look great on the piano keys too!

  2. They are just beautiful.

  3. Very nice. I love the color a lot too

  4. Those are lovely and the imagery is spectacular!!

  5. I love the title and the pictures, good job!

  6. Hey Michele,
    I shared your website with my sister. She loves it and is very impressed. I’d be more impressed, but I am still working on the afghan I started 2 years ago. I am afraid my dogs are going to eat all my yarn, so I keep it wrapped up safe under the bed….great for protecting the yarn, but not so great for completing the afgahn.

  7. I love them! Makes me want to drop all my other projects and start up a pair. Good thing I don’t have the patter.

    Nice work!

  8. Very pretty! I love the color.

  9. I love how you’ve modeled them on the piano. Lovely mitts, lovely color. I love how white (or whitish) knitting looks, but for some strange reason I seem to be deathly afraid of buying white (or whitish) colored yarns.

  10. Those are just beautiful!

  11. The first time I used a sewn bind-off was on my Knucks, and I thought it was completely magical. Its one of my favorite tools for a stretchy finished edge.

    Your mitts are beautiful! I could never handle white yarn on my hands, and I love how elegant they seem!

  12. These are so elegant looking. The white, the lace, oh my!

  13. Very pretty – love the lace!