We be chillin’…

Here’s what’s on the needles these days…


No, it’s not a fancy beer cozy. That’s just the model. It’s really an Arctic Blast Mitt. These were designed by Star Athena, and are part of the first package from Twisted‘s Single Skein Club. DH bought me membership in the club for Christmas. Every other month I’ll get a skein of a fabulous luxury yarn, an exclusive pattern for that yarn, and goodies! This month’s goodies include a tote bag and a pen.

I finally had a chance to cast on last Sunday, riding in the car while the Teen drove us down to Eugene to visit CollegeMan. (CollegeMan just turned 21, so I can’t think of him as CollegeBoy any more.) The yarn is Malabrigo Silky Wool, a single ply yarn that is lovely to work with. The stitch pattern is Arrowhead Lace, which is easily memorized because 3 of the 5 rounds are “rest” rounds; only two rounds have yarn overs and decreases.


I think these will be lovely. I’ll have to take them back from the beer. Beer doesn’t get much respect in this household, anyway; I bought this beer specifically to make beer bread! I made some last night.

Beer Bread

3 cups self rising flour
3 Tablespoons sugar
1 12 ounce can/bottle of beer

(If you don’t have self rising flour, add 4 1/2 tsp baking powder and 3/4 tsp salt to 3 cups regular all purpose flour. This is what usually happens at our house.)

Mix ingredients; pour into greased pan. Cover with a dish towel and let rise in warm, non-drafty place for 30 minutes. Bake for 70 minutes in preheated 350 degree oven. Remove from pan and cool on rack until just warm. Slice and enjoy with butter and jam.

If you try to cut it when it’s still hot, the crust will break off from the bread. Ask me how I know. I had to leave for a meeting last night, so we ate this in a hurry, which is why the crust broke, and why there is no picture of the bread!

15 responses to “We be chillin’…

  1. pretty pattern!

    And yummy! I love beer bread — especially when made with a good, dark beer. 🙂

  2. YUM ….I’m not sure what looks better right now, the beer, the cover or the thought of the bread.

  3. Beer bread is awesome!

    Another way we use beer around here is with a package of cocktail wienies, a bottle of your favorite BBQ sauce. Pour beer over wienies in a sauce pan and heat on med-low for an hour or so. Pour BBQ sauce over until covered and mix in with beer. Should create a sauce – continue to heat until thickened. Most likely another hour or two. Great football watching food. ;^)

  4. That’s a pretty pattern

  5. really pretty pattern. i hope to see these next thurs!

  6. Yes, the mitt is adorable. The yarn fabulous. But all I could think of is that the Sam Adams beer should really have a bottle of underage-appropriate root beer nearby.

  7. They will be lovely!

  8. you’re making me hungry. I’m going to have to try that recipe.

    The mitts look great too!

  9. That Malabrigo sounds as delicious as your bread. I love working with soft yarns and the pattern looks lovely in it. Can hardly wait photo showing your completed beauty. I was craving bread, maybe I’ll splurge and bake this weekend.

  10. Mitts… or seriously pretty beer cozy? Hm….. 🙂

  11. I hope you got to visit Eugene on a nice day! I wonder if I go to school with your CollegeMan – happy birthday to him! I am a duck, so an extra special happy birthday if he is too.

    Your beer bread sounds fantastic! I have been looking around for other tasty bread recipes to try, and that sounds yummy.

    Also, I am tempted to purposely knit those mitts and use them as beer cozies. They look so cute! Plus, it would be kind of funny. The pattern really does look beautiful, though. I love the yarn you’ve chosen.

  12. Nice gift from DH, I think he deserves a beer for that one! The yarn is really nice, where’s the jealous button?

  13. That is going to be a pretty pretty pair of mitt! I had thought about joining the Twisted Club….I’ll live vicariously through you!

  14. The mitt is so pretty – what a great gift!

  15. Good to know that it is not a beer cozy, cuz that would just be so wrong. However turning it into a wine bottle gift bag would be ok. 🙂