Moving right along…

Moving right along…

I finished the third purple afghan square, the Twirly Square. It does look better with fewer rounds of stockinette and reverse stockinette. More chances to alternate! I found out that Anne lives just a few blocks from me, so that will be an easy drop-off. It’s a small world.


I think I finished the left front for Hey, Teach. I don’t have the back with me to make sure they’re exactly the same number of rows, so nothing is bound off. That’s what stitch holders are for! I’m going to use a three needle bind off for the shoulders anyway, so I won’t bind off until assembling.


Where am I? Here’s a hint.

statue 2

I love this statue; it’s all rounded and smooth and chunky, too. It went up several years ago and was a source of bemusement for the family, but I think it’s cool. Do you know where it lives?


He looks a bit chilly this morning. Maybe next time I’ll bring him a hand knit scarf. And fingerless gloves. And socks! I’d have to enlist some help getting him accessorized, though; the horse is pretty tall.

Other fun: I’ve joined the Everyone Welcome Community Choir for six weeks. This was an outgrowth of the harmony singing class I took in October and November; the teacher is the director of the choir. We’re singing at a benefit concert at/for Artichoke Music at 5 pm on Sunday, December 7. If you’re in PDX and looking for something cool to do, come on over! The music is interesting, lots of world music. My favorite songs so far have been from South Africa.

Enjoy your weekend!

9 responses to “Moving right along…

  1. No clue where that statue is, but I love the idea of accessorizing him. LOL

  2. Beautiful hey teach! I can’t wait to see it finished

  3. No idea where you’re at, but I hope you’re having a good time.

    I do know it’s not the northwest since it looks pretty sunny.

  4. We were watching Anthony Bourdain’s ‘No Reservations’ and this episode is set in Colombia where there’s a whole plaza of Fernando Botero statues.

    A little work to get his name again and then search for ‘man & horse’ tells me that you are visiting here:

    “This statue is located in Clayton, Mo. at the intersection of Wydown and Hanley. The statue is constructed in bronze by Columbian artist Fernando Botero.”

    The picture I found shows that there’s a Starbuck’s behind him too, so you don’t have to be deprived while you’re in the middle of the country. ;^)

    Have fun!

  5. I like the afghan square – great pattern! Hope you are having a great time wherever you are!

  6. No clue about the statue either, but he made me smile! Look at those chubby legs! I found your blog from the Blogging group on Rav. I can see why it’s growing so fast! Very nice. I just added you to my Google Reader.

  7. Botero? He needs accessories. Some statues only need a traffic cone on the head (Glasgow) but this one might need knitwear.

    Make it a part of a cause, though, a good one. Then sell the knitwear for charity. You know where to find me – D

  8. No clue where you are, but I can see that Tami is quite resourceful! Don’t hurt yourself while climbing up to put a hat on him.

  9. I never knew knitters were such rebellious yarn graffiti types!