I see knitting everywhere

I went for a walk while Thanksgiving dinner was cooking. This tree bark reminded me of cables:

oak cables

I stopped at Starbucks on the way back, and finally saw some of the yarn decorations I’ve been reading about on other blogs. The yarn balls don’t look real; maybe because they’re wound more tightly than I wind mine? Or maybe they’re wound around styrofoam balls? I didn’t squeeze them; it was probably weird enough that I was taking pictures with my phone.


I didn’t have my regular camera with me today. Tomorrow!

I hope you all had a good Thanksgiving. We had a great time with three generations of family. I’m thankful to be a part of it.

7 responses to “I see knitting everywhere

  1. Interesting that nature is better at imitating yarn than humans are 🙂 Shows how close to nature we knitters really are! Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. Love the cabled bark! I agree about the yarn balls – I questioned if they were even supposed to be balls of yarn. I did buy the cabled mugs though – too cute. Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!! Enjoy your weekend!

  4. 🙂 Mr. NK pointed out the Starbucks yarn balls to me! I must’ve been looking down at my knitting and totally missed it…LOL!

    Love the cable connection to the bark!

  5. I can see how that looks like cables. When I was taking a computer graphics course in college, I couldn’t help but see the world as polygons.

  6. I have to run up to Starbucks to check them out, I had no idea, must have been under the rock. And yes the bark does look like cables, never thought of an oak tree that way, how clever of you.

  7. I definately see how the tree bark would lead you to think of knitting cables and no its not weird it was resourceful to think of your phone to take this picture.