Like the fat man in Dune…

Knit nite is at my house tonight. The house is, um, untidy, and there are dust bunnies (rabbits? lambs?) everywhere. I need to pick up a bit, go to work, come home, pick up some more. I’ll be flying around the house like the fat man in Dune. (I never saw the movie, just the trailer, with the…well, you get the picture.)

At least dinner is ready. Mom likes to go to Olive Garden for lunch when we’re out running errands. I love the Zuppa Toscana (sausage/potato/kale soup) there. I found a recipe for it last week and tried it. It’s pretty close; I did leave out the bacon, though. The sausage is enough! I made it again yesterday for tonight’s dinner; it’s better on the second day.

Not much knitting to show; the log cabin blanket is bigger, the secret project is longer, and the Hey, Teach is still in swatching mode. Second scarflet is done except for buttons. Maybe I’ll get some knitting done tonight.

It was wash day for the Fetchings here. I washed Mom’s for her; she once shrank a beautiful star tam that I made for her, and so now I’m in charge.


The darker ones are mine; I wear them all the time and have been missing them this week!

4 responses to “Like the fat man in Dune…

  1. Ok, having seen the movie Dune a gazillion times, I was a bit worried about reading this post after seeing the title!

    You’ve reminded me that I should give my mitts a wash too. It’s not quite time for them yet. Soon though.

  2. Oh, you should watch the movie Dune. But, read the book first. I found the movie made much more sense after I read the book.

    I love the jewel tones of the Fetchings you made!

  3. Hi there – these look great! What yarn did you use? And did you use the picot bindoff? (secret knitting term)

  4. I used Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran, which was nice to work with. No picot bindoff for me; too fiddly! I think the left set is bound off in pattern, k4 p1 (? it’s been a while), and the ones on the right are bound off in reverse stockinette to counteract the rolly-ness of the stockinette edge. I’m just guessing; these were last year’s project! But that’s what they look like to me.