February Lady is done! Or not…

I haven’t decided yet.

After all that talk about edgings, I just couldn’t find a sleeve length that made me happy. Turns out that the width below the elbow was making me unhappy, too. I tried decreasing within the lace without leaving a stockinette stitch swath down the arm, but it became clear to me that it could only lead to madness. Mine. So I ripped again, and just decreased one stitch out of each lace repeat when I started the garter stitch edge. Much better.

And the bind off? The purl bind off made it too curly toward the inside; the edges didn’t look crisp. Back to the knit bind off. Funny how the purl looked right on the baby sweater, but not on this. Live and learn.

So am I done? I have to decide if it wants to be a bit longer. But I’d have to put on jeans to know. I haven’t worn jeans all summer. And I had a really great vacation, full of food and fun. Hmmm. The Ravelry Knitters who meet at Lloyd Center for lunch on Wednesdays think it looks fine, right now. Weave in the ends and move on. Tempting. But I just have to see…

And I still need buttons. I’m headed to Button Emporium this afternoon. So I’m not really done, anyway.

What’s taking so long? Work is busy this week; September is always a new beginning. And I’ve been pretty distracted at home, compiling a photo book gift on Shutterfly. I love this company; the quality of their products is great. They make it easy to share pictures, even if I’m not buying anything. But this week I’ve been wading through 1100 (!) pictures trying to tell a story, and I finally ordered the finished product last night.

Now I can get back to knitting…

eta: I tried it on with jeans, and it needs to be just a bit longer. Back on the needles! Speaking of which, guess which needle I *didn’t* use on the sleeves? This sweater will definitely need a wash before I wear it!


4 responses to “February Lady is done! Or not…

  1. Don’t you love fiddling to make things perfect? Part fun, part annoying but eventually just right for you.

  2. But I want to see it after all that! Picture, please. It’s almost next on my list, I have the yarn, I’m checking out everyone else’s first.

  3. It’s off topic, but I don’t knit, so I’m going with it!

    Did you sign up for Shutterfly’s $29.99 deal where you get the free photobook? I’m considering it for our vacation photos. I don’t know if I have the patience to sit there and get the book just right though!

  4. That’s funny about the needles changing color. I am waiting for the picture too, when i am thin I will be making lots of sweater for myself. I’ll probably be cold all the time, LOL