A little help from our friends…

Who doesn’t need a little help sometimes?

It’s crunch time at Sharon’s house. Her daughter is leaving for college this weekend, and the longtime UFO (unfinished object) needs to be finished so it can go with her! I had offered to knit the i-cord handles for her; one of them came with me on vacation, but the second had to wait for a yarn infusion, so I knit it last week when I came home. Yesterday, I felted the bag for her.


I love how this bag turned out. Sharon is a genius with color. I wish I had taken a picture before I felted it, but yesterday was a bit crunchy here, too, between work and a meeting last night. There’s a picture of it in this previous post, unfinished; you can get an idea of how much it shrank. I opted for firm but not too tight. If Sharon would like it to be stiffer, it can go back in the washer for a bit more time. There’s a fine line there; the colors wouldn’t be quite as brilliant if it were felted down a lot more. Voice of experience; I’ve made at least four of them! I’ve lost count…

Who’s Zooming who(m)?

I just got an early birthday present. It’s a digital recorder, the Zoom H2.

My new laptop doesn’t record piano as well as my old one did, but my old one takes 10 minutes to fully boot up, and the hard drive is nearly full. I’ve been wanting a Zoom for a while (they’re highly recommended on the piano forums), and a birthday is a perfect opportunity. It will be great for recording piano for online recitals, practice feedback, and Kid2’s school concerts. Also, I sing with a group of friends; it’s guitar and mandolin and a lot of fun. We’re the Day Old Pastries, a bit crusty but fresh enough! We’re getting together this evening, and it will be instructive to know what we really sound like, since we’re playing on Sunday!

I dinked around with the Zoom last night, and it’s easy to set up, easy to use. I listened to playback, and it’s really clear. Thumbs up!

5 responses to “A little help from our friends…

  1. What?! When and where sunday? And when’s the next engagement for the group? My sunday might be a little full. That sounds like so much fun!

  2. I love that bag, it’s beautiful

  3. Happy birthday! And have fun with your Zoom. I won’t tell my Jim about this as he’ll want one and just spent $60 on a COVER for his first-gen iPhone. Let’s see, $60 to protect obsolete technology. Well, he deserves it and beats $600 to replace the phone when he drops it, which he will. Gorgeous bag!

  4. The Zoom is awesome! Really helpful. And Sunday was fun. Since I picked the music, it was all in my best singing range. Day Old Pastries rock!

  5. Sounds like a great birthday present!

    It’s very neat seeing the before and after photos of the bag. Amazing transformation through felting.