Saturday was World-Wide Knit in Public Day. There were lots of activities going on in town, but I was out camping. I love getting away; it’s like getting new eyes. Everything looks different.


My camping gear worked out fine, except for one missing item. Wool socks. I couldn’t get my feet warm enough at night, and that made me regret not bringing these.


I made these in 1997, I think. They’re from Anna Zilboorg’s book, Fancy Feet. I was lucky enough to have a class with Anna at Stitches that year; she taught me to carry both colors in my right hand (I knit English-style). I had previously taught myself to knit continental style so I could carry a color in each hand, but two in the same hand was much faster for me.

Back to WWKIP Day. What did you do? I spent the afternoon on a blanket in the grassy part of the campground. I made a bracelet (beading), worked on Josephine, and on my log cabin blanket. Bev and Laurie were knitting with me, so I think that counts as our contribution for WWKIP Day.

jo 06.08

lc 06.08

I’m not sure when I’ll declare the log cabin done; right now it measures about 34 inches square. It’s not big enough yet, maybe 48 inches will be the right size? I’ll have to buy more yarn soon. This was perfect campfire knitting, too. No need to look too closely, just knit, knit, knit, until it was time to pick up a new color.

We had a great campfire singalong Saturday night. I can count the chords I know on two hands, but it’s enough for a good singalong, and that’s enough for me.

6 responses to “WWKIP Day

  1. I’d say 3 knitters count, my KIP day was just me and one other person 🙂
    We sat on the lawn of our LYS.

  2. I really like that log cabin blanket!! Aaa-dorable.

  3. Wow- what a gorgeous blanket. Part of me was pining for the camping (really, I must stop punning). That’ll be my goal for one of these weekends- campfire and knitting around it! Hurray WWKIP!

  4. Your blanket is absolutely gorgeous!

  5. Josephine is really coming along. I love your log cabin blanket, and how you have distributed the colors.

    What kind of lanterns do you use? Propane? Battery powered fluorescent? Battery powered LED? Just wondering. I recently picked up the battery powered fluorescent, mainly for power outages or the next big quake…

  6. hopelovepeace

    I love the way this “log cabin” did you say? is coming. I’m totally loving the way the colors play together. Maybe I’ll try to do one!