Bike First! Lose the Training Wheels

So, a quick non-knitting post today. I’m spending mornings this week volunteering at a bike camp for special needs kids. I volunteered with this organization last year, too, and it was the most meaningful week of my summer. Bike First! is part of an amazing program called Lose the Training Wheels. It uses adapted bikes with a succession of rollers on the back to teach children to balance. Each successive roller is more tapered, requiring more balancing skills from the child. It’s not a far leap from the most tapered roller to a regular two-wheeled bike. I had tears in my eyes when my camper mastered a two-wheeler last year. Here’s her story.

Knitting is a fairly sedentary hobby, and I’m feeling pretty decrepit after three mornings of running behind bikes for three hours. But it’s wonderful, and it’s worth it. Please pass the ibuprofen!

Back to knitting tomorrow…

3 responses to “Bike First! Lose the Training Wheels

  1. Yes knitting is a sedentary activity, however it also allows you to multitask. I manage to knit while watching TV or listening to an audio book. If you want more physical activity, it sounds like you need an exercise bike at home, so you can knit at the same time…. kill two birds with one stone. 🙂

  2. With my coordination talents, I’d probably get my yarn tangled around the pedals! Best keep that exercise bike safely in the basement, where I can ignore it… 😉

  3. Many moons ago my sister attended a local beauty pageant. One contestant’s “special” talent was knitting while riding a unicycle. My sister had to beat a hasty retreat lest she suddenly made sounds of merriment unbefitting a supportive audience member.

    On the topic of roller bikes: a colleague of mine from Germany has a roller bike for her toddler. I had never heard of such a thing but she said they are common there. Now, he is ready for a bike without rollers. I think they should become more common here in the US.