Shetland Shawls, show and tell

Show and tell!

Here are the two Shetland Shawls, side by side. Smaller needle version is on the left; larger needle version on the right:


Closeup of small version (Shetland I)

sts 1 detail

And Shetland II:

sts 2 detail

Which do you like better? I like the look of the smaller one, and the airy gossamer feel of the bigger one. I keep changing my mind, though. They both make me really happy, and I hope the gift recipient likes hers!

5 responses to “Shetland Shawls, show and tell

  1. I think I like the big version better. In the photos anyway. You can see the detail better. maybe I’ll get to see these in person tomorrow night! We’ll see how the day goes!

  2. I like the look of the larger needle one better. The pattern comes across better.

    But they’re both pretty!

  3. good item. I like the last one better as it has a intricate design.

  4. They are both beautiful, but I have to agree, the bigger needle one is the one I like the best

  5. Yes, in the larger one the pattern does become more visible. Dee