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Step away from the knitting…

Just for a little while! It’s been a string of warm sunny days in the Pacific Northwet. DH and I decided to get out for a bit on Sunday. Multnomah Falls was our original destination, but it was packed for the holiday weekend and we had to do a quick destination revision. I remembered we had once hiked at Wahclella Falls, and the smartphone google machine pointed us in the right direction.

a stairs

Come on, you know you want to! The hike is an easy mile in and mile out. We last did this with young kids, and it felt like many more miles back then.

a tanner creek

a bridge

The trail goes alongside Tanner Creek, and has lovely shady spots to hang out. But the mosquitoes know you’re there. We didn’t linger at this spot. It’s not much further to the falls.

a wahclella

It was cool and perfect on a hot day. And we enjoyed the hike out as well.

a overhang

a trees
hanging over the ravine

When we got home, I looked for the pictures from our last trip here. Apparently it was 16 years ago.

a 1995

That tow-headed toddler? He’s a college freshman. The other kiddo? College grad, working dude. And DH on the left? Still DH, 29 years next week. Happy anniversary!

a pb

What did you do with the end of summer weekend?