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A bit of Bali

I’ve been looking for a bag that is large enough, but not ridiculously huge, to carry a knitting project and my small purse, and sometimes my laptop, too. I also want it to zip shut so my stuff doesn’t fall out. Also on the wish list: An inside zip pocket so I can find my keys, and a cell phone pocket would be nice. And it has to be pretty. I think this fits the bill.

bali handuk

It’s Lantern Moon’s Bali Handuk Shopper. Lovely! (Note the Lantern Moon 10th anniversary pin on it, too.) I went over to Lantern Moon last week to check out new products for their blog, and this bag came home with me. It’s perfect. Thursday also happened to be Cinco de Mayo, and it was fiesta time at the office. Here’s Jesse, rolling out the cart of chips, salsa, guacamole, and margaritas. Jesse is in charge of the warehouse; he knows where everything is, and makes sure it all gets to the right place.


Sharon and Joel just came back from Vietnam, and Sharon picked up these candies in the Tokyo Narita airport. She says that the chocolate in the candy isn’t great, but isn’t the packaging awesome? Love it!



Happy Mother’s Day! Here’s the buzz at our house. I came home from church really hungry and found the guys in the kitchen.

waffle mebbe

They had bought a Belgian waffle iron and surprised me with lunch…after some trial and error. The first one stuck to the iron!

waffle not

It all worked out, eventually.


I love it that they are fearless in the kitchen! Happy Mother’s Day to all moms.