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I think I see my hat…

The Mason-Dixon gals have forwarded the Tiny Hats to Innocent. (Does that ever sound like secret code! “The Bird Flies High.”) Kay took a picture of the 342 hats before she sent them on. I think I see two of my hats:


That would be the green with white check and rather sorry looking pompom, and the white gull wing lace (of February Baby and February Lady fame) with topknot. The third hat is a generic strawberry, and there are several of those.


All in all, a cute fundraiser and fun project. I think the smoothies-with-hats go on sale tomorrow, November 5, at Sainsbury’s stores in the UK, to raise funds for Age Concern. They’ve received more than 500,000 hats. That’s a lot of hats, and a lot of $! Or pence, to be precise. 50 pence per hat given to charity, which is more than $250,000. (Don’t know how to make the British pound sign, but that’s worth even more than dollars, anyway.) If you want to see the Hat-o-Meter click the link; widgets of that sort don’t work with WordPress.

Happy election day in the USA! Go vote!