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Loop & Hoop swag

Last night’s Loop & Hoop event at the Blazer game was fun! We made it a family outing. I knew CollegeGuy would be happy to go to a game on spring break, even if surrounded by knitters. Our seats were pretty high up, but it was a good crowd.

Here’s the swag from the goodie bag:


Let’s see, a re-usable bag with the Blazer logo. A Lantern Moon silk needle case (beyond awesome) and catalog of temptation. Yarn and a pattern from Yarn Garden. Tea from Knit/Purl. A sample of Soak from Knitted Wit (and I got to sit next to Lorajean and her DH). And a Channing Frye bobble head doll!

The best part of this deal is that my whole family was there, so we got this, times four.


CollegeGuy claimed most of the Blazer bags, and my bobble head doll. I figured DH & I could share. But I claimed all the knitterly goods, which means I have FOUR Lantern Moon needle cases (and I probably own enough needles to fill them), four balls of yarn, four samples of Soak. And tea.

We also got coupons for free chalupas from Taco Bell thanks to this sequence from Rudy Fernandez to end the third quarter:

The Blazers won 129-109, so it was a happy time all around.