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Love is the worst(ed)

I’m currently having a little love affair with worsted wool. In this particular case, Malabrigo Merino Worsted. It’s wonderfully wooly single ply worsted that comes in a huge assortment of colors, from semi-solids to interesting variegateds (some of which are too exciting for me). It’s also a little prone to felting, which can be a good thing, sometimes. I hope to make the most of that property, soon.

(Whales Road, Polar Morn, Oceanos)

(Violetas, Colorinche)

I went on a little color spree, because I need some colors to play with for my current project. (This doesn’t count as stash; it’s a design project, right?) I’m not a big fan of variegated yarns, but combined with a semi-solid, they tone down nicely and make it so I don’t have to choose a lot of colors for a mulit-color project. One variegated plus an appropriate semi-solid makes me look like a color genius! Which I’m not.

mal swatch

Spring is definitely here in the Pacific Northwet, and we had a remarkable spell of warm sunny days. But we’re back to rain and chill, so I’m still happy to be knitting with worsted weight wool. It doesn’t even matter that much when it’s warm out, because I mostly knit accessories, and they’re not too hot for knitting here on most days.

Which brings me to a little worsted project you may like. This is my Rockaway 2-Way Beach Beanie/Cowl (ravelry link). I designed it for Created In Oregon: A Knitter’s Datebook 2012, published by Pico Accuardi Dyeworks. Sadly, PAD is out of business. (I loved their wonderful worsted that I used for this design.) Luckily for me and you, though, this means I can offer you this pattern now instead of waiting until 2013.

hat 1

cowl 1

One piece, worn two ways. It’s a hat! It’s a cowl! And it’s cute. It’s named for Rockaway, the beach town where we have Crafty Mom Weekend every year.

2 way rockaway
(PAD Worsted on the left, Dream in Color Classy on the right)

A perfect little thing to knit right now, even though it’s worsted. Go to the pattern page or follow the Ravelry link if you want to play along.

One more item: The exclusive on Pointer is up, so that pattern is available through Ravelry download now, too. Another fairly quick knit before summer really sets in.

pointer set

Any hot plans for the weekend? I’ll still be knitting with worsted, even though it’s supposed to warm up!

Pre-Sock Summit cocktail party

Pico Accuardi Dyeworks hosted a pre-summit cocktail party, and I attended as a local designer.


I love a party where you can sit down and knit!


Marisol made this gorgeous shawl with her handspun for Deb’s birthday.


I ran into Erica from Kollage last night at Twisted when I was teaching, and sent her and Carrie to Lucca for dinner. Today I saw her at the pre-summit luncheon, and then again this evening at the cocktail party. I think that means we need a picture since we’re shadowing each other.


I saw someone wearing this beautiful shawl, but I can’t remember her name.


I had my first peek at this 2012 datebook project from Pico Accuardi. Twelve knitting patterns from Oregon designers, twelve recipes using local ingredients, lots of Oregon stories and facts.


It’s officially out, so now I can tell you that I have a project in it! It’s the Rockaway 2-Way Beach Beanie/Cowl. You can wear it either way.


There will be a limited number of calendars available in Twisted‘s booth beginning Friday, and a bigger print run is coming in a few weeks. I’m really happy to be part of this project! I’ll blog the datebook later when I have a copy.


Oh! There were drawings for door prizes, and Erica won this bag of spinning fibers. Luckily, she’s been bitten by the spinning bug, and has a wheel at home, and her drop spindle here.


But she did let Noriko and Rachel fondle the fiber.


And she even shared some with Marisol (who made Deb’s shawl, above).


Full day! And now I have to go to sleep. I’m helping Lorajean set up her booth in the morning, and taking Photographing Your Fiber with Franklin Habit in the afternoon. Looking forward to it all.