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I went to a first birthday party yesterday. It wasn’t a gifting party, but I wanted to make something to mark the occasion. My gift wasn’t quite ready at party time, but I finished it last night and delivered it this morning:


An October birthday requires a pumpkin hat! It was just a drop-off delivery, so I didn’t get to see him model it. It may be a bit short, but I can lengthen it, if need be. Sounds like it’s being worn beanie-style today.

I made it out of Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece from my stash, US size 6 needles. It’s an improvisation, 80 stitches at 4.5 stitches per inch, knit 6 purl 2 ribbing. I think if I get it back to make it longer, I may change the decreases at the top; they’re all on the left side of the rib, and paired decreases might be a bit nicer. They just didn’t look right when I was alternating them, so I pulled them back and did it this way. It was a one-day knit! All done yesterday.