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How I Knit; How You Knit

There’s a cool thing going around Instagram, with lots of knitters answering A Verb for Keeping Warm’s question, “How do you knit?” The hashtag is #loop2loop. It’s interesting to see so many different styles of getting it done! Here’s mine:

Sorry for the lack of manicure; I’d never get the video done if I waited for that. Click the hashtag #loop2loop while you’re over there, and see many other knitters knitting along.

While I’m on the subject of Instagram, this lovely picture keeps showing up in my feed.

instagram knit marketing

I always think, “Oh, cool knits!” and then realize it’s a dating service ad. Oops. I wonder why it keeps showing up in *my* feed? Not looking to date!

How do you knit? English? Continental? Throw? Pick? Other? Have you tried the other way, too? I learned continental for two-handed colorwork, but I find that it’s usually just as easy for me to carry both colors in the right hand and throw.

Let me know if you put your knitting style on Instagram!