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origami cranes

Last week I happened to be downtown by the Ace Hotel, which was displaying Seann McKeel’s Knitnotwar 1000 project. This is based on the legend that if you fold 1000 origami cranes, your wish will be granted. Wishes are traditionally for health or peace. The twist in this project is that the cranes are knitted and felted yarn instead of folded paper.


A closer look shows that they’re not crisp like a traditional origami crane.


But they’re pretty, anyway.


I like the novelty yarn on the one in the center.

I didn’t participate in this project; I know it was years in the making. But it reminded me of a project I spearheaded several years ago, for the pastor of our church at that time. The goal was to have the congregation fold 1000 paper cranes as a wish for his health and healing, and to have it be a surprise. We ended up with about 2000 cranes.

2000 cranes for David

He was very moved when we presented these to him. He didn’t recover his health, but he was heartened by this sign of love and affection. A little bird can mean a lot!