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Everything’s coming up roses!

Last week, Cathy showed me Nicky Epstein’s book, Knitted Flowers. What a beautiful book! I’m not one for a lot of adornment, but I had to make some of these, just to see what they were like. I plundered the scrap stash in search of flower-colored yarn.

The first one I knit was the cabbage rose. This one is made with Tahki Cotton Classic on a US 5 needle. It’s done with a small number of stitches cast on, and then a series of increases, which made it pretty tight on the needle by the time the knitting was done. Leaves were made on a US 7.


The second was the American Beauty rose, also in Cotton Classic. The leaves are from the cabbage rose pattern, though. This one is made with a larger cast on, and a series of decreases.


I made an American Beauty rose in Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece on a US 7 needle.

AB Red

And this one, my favorite, the American Beauty rose bud.

AB bud

The flowers didn’t take long to make, and they weren’t too fiddly, either. It was a fun project, and I’m looking forward to making more flowers and leaves. There are a lot more flowers in the book; I just chose two that looked simple, so I could sample!