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Blueberry Forest

I just realized why I picked my February Lady yarn.




I seem to have blueberries on my mind. They’re just coming into season, and I have five bushes in the side yard. We’ve been having blueberry muffins, blueberry cobbler, and my favorite, watermelon and blueberries. I’m going to try to freeze some for later, but I usually just pick enough for whatever I’m making that day.

I swatched for the February Lady, and am 15 rows in. I’m not sure I like the increases I’m using, and am thinking of a simple yarn over increase instead, which would make a double eyelet line at the raglan corners. There’s a knitalong group on Ravelry, as well as the upcoming KAL at Twisted, so I’ve been looking at pictures of finished Ladies on Rav. As you can probably tell by now, I don’t mind frogging and re-knitting!

I finished the knitting (and reknitting) on Josephine, and now it’s leap of faith time. Will it fit? Will it look good? It’s time for the seaming, and there will be a lot of mattress stitch in my near future. And we’ll see…

It’s all about the sox

I bought these shoes about a month ago, and couldn’t decide if I liked them. Today I gave them another chance. I’m glad I did.


Yes, it’s true. I bought clear shoes for my socks. I made these socks eons ago, and don’t wear them much any more, but they went with my shirt today. If you’re going to pick socks that match your shirt, why not go all the way and let people see them?


I think they’d look even better with dark socks, but this will have to do for now. Side view, in case you just gotta know.


Josephine update: After 15 rows of Josephine in the round (that would be about 3800 stitches), I realized that I was nowhere close to making gauge. I think I knit looser in the round than flat, because my flat gauge swatch was close to correct. Ripped the whole thing out, and now I’m knitting Josephine in pieces, flat, on US size 3 needles. The pattern enticed me by recommending size 5 needles, so I bought the yarn, full of confidence. I’ve never knit an entire sweater on 3’s, except for a baby. This is going to be a long knit! But it’s really pretty.


jo up close

In other fun news, I went to the Lantern Moon trunk show at Twisted on Friday. I bought this bag. I use their silk taffeta bags as project bags inside my big knitting bag, but what i really liked about this one was that it cinches closed. No lost pieces of project!

project bag

I also won a green tote in the raffle. I feel lucky!



Knitting 9-1-1

Okay, it’s not really an emergency; I’m just helping. I made a felted entrelac tote last year, and my knitting group took it up as a learning project. There’s one that’s not quite done. I feel slightly responsible because I introduced it, so I offered to help Sharon get past the last triangles so she can get on to the round bottom of the bag. She just doesn’t get enough time to knit. I love her colors; they are outside my usual palette. I finished the triangles last night, and now it’s on its way back to her.


Here’s another bit of 9-1-1: The emergency knitting bag. Turtlegirl posted about this on her blog, and it was impulse buy all the way for me. You can get yours here. It’s the perfect size to leave in the car with a sock or washcloth project tucked inside.


I cast on for the Josephine Top, after a bit of swatching. I swatched flat, but decided to knit this in the round, so who knows if I’m getting gauge? Too early to tell, but it’s pretty and this will be a very big gauge swatch.


Isn’t it pretty on the weeds in my back yard? The true color is somewhere in-between these two pinks.