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I’m back at home, after a whirlwind trip through Vietnam and Tokyo. I had a couple little “where in the world” contests while I was gone.


Adam (Knitguy) correctly identified this Buddha statue as being at Long Son Temple in Nha Trang, Vietnam. His prize? Some beautiful chopsticks and chopstick rests! I need to sweep the bamboo leaves in my backyard, but in the meantime, aren’t they a nice Asian backdrop for this picture?


The next picture was a little trickier to identify.

houzoumon gate

Kaminari-mon Gate (Thunder Gate) is the first gate going up to Senso-Ji Temple in Asakusa, Tokyo. Lots of people take pictures of it, which made it too easy! The second gate, closer to the temple, is Houzou-mon Gate. Courtney (Knitting Siamese) was the first person to correctly identify the photo. Her prize is this silk scarf. Blue, of course. I’ve always got blue on my mind!


I came home to find the blueberry bushes still laden with berries. Last night I picked a half gallon box, and this afternoon I picked two more. I’ll bake with some, give some to my Mom, and freeze the rest. And there are still more out there…

berry harvest

I was going to make Blueberry Boy Bait last night after seeing it on the Smitten Kitchen blog, but I didn’t have enough butter! Maybe tonight.

I’ll blog more about the trip, and knitting, after I work my way through 400 pictures. Don’t worry, I won’t post *all* of them!