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Vox knituli


The knitters have spoken. Rip it! So I did. I frogged 7 inches (almost an entire skein) on the back of my Heather Hoodie so I could go back and bind off for armhole shaping for a modified drop shoulder instead of having a standard drop shoulder. There were 8 stockinette stitches on each edge, so I bound off 6 for each armhole, which is about an inch and a half. This was the most I could bind off and still be able to pick up between the last 2 stockinette stitches before the cable panels. I want to pick up stitches at the shoulder and knit down, rather than sew in the sleeve. Re-knitting the back is going well. I love the OXO cable on this.


Do you see the little ladder at the center of the X in the OXO cable? Those were bugging me. Then I finally opened a Knitting Daily email about blocking that had been sitting in my box for a week. What timing. It’s about this very cable in the Heather Hoodie pattern. No worries now; I know that blocking is going to fix those!

In other OXO news, I’m sending $265 from sales of my Hugs and Kisses OXO Cable Fingerless Mitts to Doctors Without Borders. Thank you for purchasing this pattern.

And it really does feel like spring here. Temperatures in the 50’s, and it got sunny today! I took advantage of the break in the rain, and walked down to the local library. Here’s a little taste of spring. Most of the pix are from my camera phone, so they’re not quite up to the usual standard. But they make me smile.


Last year’s something or other.





Daffodils! and crocus! It must be spring.


Do you know what these are? I think they’re gorgeous, and I saw a lot of them. I want to plant some…