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A heel is turned

There’s been some progress on the toe-up sock:


I turned the heel!


It’s exactly the way I wanted it, heel stitch on the bottom of the heel instead of the back. I mostly wear clogs, and the back of the heel doesn’t need reinforcement. I adapted the heel turn from Wendy Johnson’s sport weight toe-up sock pattern; it took a little stitch juggling to figure out where to start/stop the heel stitch and make it look right (centered). It didn’t help that I was using a different number of stitches.


The foot is a perfect fit! It’s very comfortable.


I was getting a bit frustrated with the heel turn last night because of the heel stitch. I considered abandoning the whole thing in a fit of pique. This morning it went fine. Not sure if I can exactly duplicate it on sock two. Will there be a sock two? Or was this merely an academic exercise?

I still can’t decide if I like this method any better than the cuff-down method, but it’s a good thing to have in my bag of tricks. And the toe that started it all still looks great!