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Old Knit Friends

I was looking in the closet the other day, and I found our old friend Wocket. I knit him in February 1998. He’s a cross between two projects in Debbie Bliss’ Toy Knits: the Small Teddy with Sweater and Wellingtons, and the Pirate Rat. Kid2 had an affection for all things mousey back then, and it was fun to knit something he really liked. The sweater is made with leftovers from Kid2’s sweater.


While I’m thinking of knit toys, here’s one from 1996. It’s Gromit, as in Wallace and Gromit, the claymation characters. The pattern is by Alan Dart, and was published in the magazine Woman’s Weekly in the UK. I was on the KnitList (still am), and someone offered to send me the pattern. Thanks, Norma!

gromit sun

Gromit graces my grand piano, and he’s my Ravelry avatar, too.