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The first one is the most exciting

I sold my first pattern on Ravelry today. It’s my first pattern sale ever! I was especially pleased because it was confirmation that I set it up correctly. The pattern is for this bag:


I love the Mason-Dixon Knitting book, and after making a ballband washcloth, I just had to take it to the next level. I needed a project to donate to the church youth fundraiser (for their mission trip), and came up with this.

¬†Unfortunately, I fell in love with the colors in this bag, and I just couldn’t give it away. That meant that I had to make two more! I went to the stash and came up with two other color combinations,¬†and they did go to the auction last Sunday. The blue one is still my favorite, though.

orange tote

vineyard tote

Felting is a funny thing; I increased the number of rows in the new bags because I wanted to make them a little taller than the blue bag, but they came out shorter! Different washing machines, different agitation. But they’re all cute.

See the link for the Felted Slip Stitch Tote on the sidebar for purchase information.