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Where are they now? The lives of handknits…


That’s the topic for Day 4 of the second annual Knitting and Crochet Blog Week. The question sent me to my Ravelry projects page, and strangely enough, I know where most of those items are. I seem to knit mostly for me or for family, and things stay in house. Or I knit as a design project, and then I usually keep it. But occasionally things get away.

I loved this sweater that I knit for myself, Aguave by Katharine Hunt, from Knitter’s magazine Summer 2005. It was gorgeous in mercerized cotton (and not as bottom heavy as it looks from this angle). I wore it a few times, but I realized that it was way too big for me. I was swimming in fabric! Even the shoulders were too wide, so I tried stabilizing them with fabric seam binding. Nope, still swimming. I’ve since realized that most knits look better on me with either zero or negative ease. I’m not completely averse to frogging an entire sweater (been there, done that), but it was so lovely, and my friend Anna thought so, too. So I gave it to her! I just emailed her to ask if she still wears it…


Here’s one of the oldest knitted things I have.

gromit sun

I knit Gromit in 1996. The pattern is by Alan Dart, and was published in the magazine Woman’s Weekly in the UK. I was on the KnitList (still am), and someone offered to send me the pattern. (Thanks, Norma! I still think of you fondly.) Two other knitting mom friends also knit Gromit at the same time, and while they all looked like Gromit, they were all completely different from each other! Our little guys loved them. Before you ask, I’m sorry to say that I don’t have the pattern any more. But Gromit still sits on my piano, where I see him every day.