Go Ducks! Knit Lace!

That seems like a non-sequitur, but I can explain. I was inspired by two things for my latest design: a picture in a stitch dictionary that looked like duck feet, and some beautiful Hazel Knits Artisan Sock yarn in a glorious color named hoppy blonde. I knew I wanted to make a scarf/shawlette that would fit right in at an Oregon Ducks football game.

I’m not much of a football fan, but DH and I, and our eldest son all went to the University of Oregon, so I’m vaguely paying attention. The Ducks have been having some swell seasons lately. Right now they’re 10-0 this fall.

I started this project on our trip to Europe in September. A tiny setback was that the charted pattern in my stitch dictionary didn’t yield the results in the picture. But I figured it out. I *am* the boss of my knitting.

I love how this turned out. But what if you’re not a Duck fan? You could pretend that they’re just diamonds, not duck feet. Or…you could knit lace. I designed another version for non-Ducks.

This one was knit in Hazel Knits Artisan Sock, Jam Session. I love it, too.

Both versions are included in the pattern. They’re both worn bandana style, so the widest part of this very shallow crescent is at the front, with the tails brought around again. You can wear it loose, or add a stick pin for stability.

Pattern purchase information is here. It’s a quick knit with one skein of sock yarn, and would be great for holiday knitting!

7 responses to “Go Ducks! Knit Lace!

  1. In that pretty gold color it would fit right in at UCF — GO KNIGHTS!

  2. My sister lives near the U of O (I’m in Indiana…) and we visit a lot so your headline made perfect sense to me, I knew exactly what you were talking about! Which was very fun…

    • We’re a family of Ducks, except for my youngest, who’s a Knight at University of Central Florida in Orlando. But their colors are black and gold, so this could still work…pretend those duck feet are heraldic shields. Yeah, that’s the ticket!

  3. Both versions are so pretty!

  4. I don’t have one and will not get one but here it’s all cheeseheads. Much less elegant than your gorgeous offering but the color is Packer-friendly. Happy Thanksgiving, hope y’all are together. We’ll be at the ranch, cooking up a storm with our dog there first time in years, she’s really good at picking up little bits of food that drop in the kitchen. Oh, a kilt pin might work on that to keep it in place. Just a thought. D