It’s a wrap! OFFF 2014

What a glorious weekend: Slightly chilly mornings (sweater weather!) giving way to sunny afternoons and smiling crowds. Perfect. I taught Blocking on Friday, and Tink Drop Frog (how to fix mistakes) on Saturday. My students were charming and eager to become the bosses of their knitting! We blocked my Snowy Woods KAL cowl, among other things.

Snowy Woods Cowlbefore blocking

imageafter blocking

Sunday was my play day. I headed for the barns first, and I was not disappointed. This is Amy with one of the angora goats from The Pines Farm. Mohair on the hoof! Amy is wearing a sweater knit with mohair, and it is the most decadently soft fabric, with a luminous halo.


Can you even see where you’re going?


Haircut day!


The coat of an angora goat grows an inch per month. These goats are shorn every six months, now and in March, but they still won’t be cold this winter!

I was captivated by this display at Upstream Alpacas.


or colors? I liked them both.

Natural colors are not boring.

For me this year, the fiber and spinning supplies were most enticing. Maybe because I already have more yarn than I can knit. No matter. Look at these spindles. The gateway drug to spinning.

Spindles at Carolina Homespun

I have several drop spindles, but haven’t yet heard the siren song of the wheel. Then I saw people trying the HansenCrafts miniSpinner. Look how portable this is. I had to try it, too. See my blue yarn?


There’s always a fleece sale on Sunday. The woman who lured us in here said that the first time she went, she bought two fleeces. And she didn’t have a spinning wheel, just a drop spindle. Uh-oh.


I bought a Kromski…


Kromski niddy-noddy, not a wheel! I wanted an upgrade from my one yard niddy-noddy; this one is a two yard model.

I did buy one skein of yarn, from Huckleberry Knits.


It’s Teri’s fault. I loved the glowing colors in her Glitz on the Ritz shawlette, so I had to check out this dyer, too. Oh, and see Sherece’s Hitofude? Teri knit that for her. What a great friend!


All in all, a perfect weekend. I spent some time with Lorajean and the divine Miss F in the Knitted Wit booth.

You have to start them young!

Did you go to OFFF? What tickled your fancy?


4 responses to “It’s a wrap! OFFF 2014

  1. OFFF was so much fun! I did a little shopping on Saturday. I have some very pink Romney fleece and wanted some additional fiber to mix with it to tone it down a bit. Mission accomplished there. I fell in lust with some BFL in a delicious colorway, so that came home with me. And I found two very nice Jacob fleeces from a lady in Newberg. I’ve already washed them. On Sunday, I brought my husband back and we looked at the art gallery upstairs, then went to the barn to see the animals – Shetland sheep are SO CUTE!!! And I looked at the fleeces out in the fleece area. There was a gotland/Shetland cross fleece that I wanted, but did not buy. The biggest fun though was getting an electric carder. I’m picking it up this weekend. I’m so excited I can hardly stand myself. 🙂 Now I need to sell my smaller hand crank carder. It’s a nearly new Duncan carder with the brush.

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  3. You are going to LOVE your Duncan carder!! I have an electric one, too, and adore it. And the Duncans are wonderful people to deal with, too.

  4. I ws rereading your post again. I love that little mohair goat. So cute in his ringlets. The first pic (cowl) made me smile. I *just* started mine. So much for knitting along with everyone else.