Weekend in Buffalo NY

I had the great pleasure of teaching for the Knitting Guild of Greater Buffalo this weekend. We had a day of brioche, and then we explored elongated novelty stitches (some of which are also great for assigned pooling) and designing with favorite shawl shapes. So much fun!

Mt. Hood and Mt. Jefferson

I usually choose my airplane seat by whether there might be a view of Mt. Hood. It only matters during daylight, and it was a very pretty morning. (No view? Aisle seat please.)

American Falls, from the Canadian side

Maureen was the perfect hostess/tour guide/organizing whiz. I met her (and Sharon, the other half of the organizing duo) at Madrona years ago. She took my entrelac and Syncopation classes and knew we’d have a good seminar weekend! My one non-knitting wish was to see Niagara Falls. We went over to the Canadian side for a better view.

Niagara Falls, American and Canadian, on the Niagara River

The water is a pretty green from dissolved minerals.

American Falls and Bridal Veil Falls (the smaller one to the right)
Horseshoe Falls (Canadian Falls)
Looking across the ring of Horseshoe Falls

I think the Canadian falls are prettier than the American falls, but I’m not trying to create an international incident!

Under the bridge

I didn’t think to take class pix until the last class, which was on shawl shapes. It’s a pretty relaxed class, and you have a bunch of mini-shawls when you’re done. Vince says he’s going to string his on a cord and hang them like a garland on his mantel. After blocking and weaving in ends, of course! Blocking is magic for shawls.

Favorite shawl shapes
When in Buffalo, one must have Buffalo wings!

Thank you to the Greater Buffalo Knitting Guild for having me! I love teaching for guilds. If you want me to come teach for yours, let me know…

Now I’m home trapped under these cats!

4 responses to “Weekend in Buffalo NY

  1. Aren’t the falls amazing?

    I indulged and got a falls view room on the Canadian side. I did all the tourist things (rode the Maid of the Mist, walked under the falls, etc.).

    But I would love to have a weekend hanging out in a falls view room, knitting and watching (and I still don’t think I would tire of the view)!

    • So gorgeous! And that green; it’s like looking through green glass as it goes over the edge at Horseshoe Falls. I know what you mean about wanting to watch it for a whole weekend. That’s how I feel about the Oregon Coast; we’ve been doing Crafty Moms Weekend there for almost 20 years. The house is right at water’s edge, and when you’re sitting by the second floor windows it looks like you’re on a boat in the water. Bliss!

  2. It sounds like such a wonderful time! And so glad you got to see Niagara Falls – so beautiful 🙂

  3. I don’t know if I would call the Horseshoe Falls *prettier*, per se, but I do think they’re much more striking. The other falls look like waterfalls, which are inherently very cool and beautiful, but not dramatically different from any other waterfalls. The expanse of the Horseshoe Falls, though, and the way they curve around the corner? I would argue that’s more interesting.

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