WWKIP 2023

WWKIP is World Wide Knit in Public Day! Will you be knitting with maximum visibility?

I’ve been participating in Knit Picks’ WWKIP festivities since 2017. They stopped in 2020 (hello pandemic) but are starting up again this year. Their events always have raffle prizes, free yarn, free books…and snacks!

This year’s event will be on June 10, from noon to 3 pm. The venue has both indoor and outdoor possibilities, so we’re covered in case of rain! Here’s a link to their post.

See you there, local-ish peeps?

2 responses to “WWKIP 2023

  1. You’ll all have a SUPER day, Michele: I can only think that whatever you take to work on will generate many admiring looks and questions !
    Is there a WWCIP as well ??

  2. I’m hoping to! I don’t know if there is an event nearby, but I may just take my knitting out to somewhere public anyway 🙂

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