Spring is springing

It’s been chilly here, but there are definitely signs of spring. The cherry trees on the downtown riverfront are blooming.

It’s not peak bloom yet, but I wanted to walk there before it starts raining again.

Sunshine and cherry blossoms makes everyone a little giddy. Time to celebrate the spring!

Not quite sure about this parking place. How did they get it up there?

I always appreciate a good gown and tiara.

I appreciate my walking buddies, but I love the challenge of the selfie! This is my pandemic stash Love Note sweater (design by Tin Can Knits).

If I’d been thinking, I would have worn my Cherry Blossom Wrapture to bring it full circle. Oh well!

What’s the weather where you are? Snow or sun or…?

4 responses to “Spring is springing

  1. Oh how wrong you are, Michele ! – ‘fall’, as you guys say, is quite definitely falling. My feet are cold, dammit ! – I shall now need to wear foot-coverings for bloody MONTHS. Sighhh ..
    But your cherry trees are something, alright ! 😀

  2. Hello Michele, thanks for sharing the photos of the beautiful cherry blossoms! Love your knitting designs! Where I live we are still under Winter Storm Warnings and had record breaking amounts of snow! Can’t wait to see some Spring flowers soon! Happy knitting!

  3. The snowdrops and daffodils are out here, and some over-achiever trees are out in blossom too. Not warm, but definitely the start of spring.

  4. Sunny in southwest Florida!! I have spent the last six months knitting almost every project in your Brioche, Knit Love book! Thank you so much for teaching me Brioche knitting and for writing such a wonderful book with such clarity!!!