Do you repeat knits?

Sometimes I knit an item more than once while I’m designing; that helps me figuring out sizing and fine tuning directions.

Sometimes I knit things more than once, just because I love them. (Love Note, Stopover)

And sometimes I re-knit things because I want to see them in another yarn. This is my Aspen Leaf scarf, which I designed in 2020. I loved this in its original yarn, which was Huckleberry Knits’ American Dream DK (above).

I re-knit it in Knit Picks Chroma Worsted, because I want to sell it through the Knit Picks IDP program. Chroma Worsted is a little bit heavier and fluffier than American Dream DK, so the dimensions are different. There are 8 leaves in this version, and 10 in the original. This new version will be available through Knit Picks next month, I think. I enjoyed working with this yarn.

While I was re-knitting it, I realized that a slimmed down version would make a great coaster, and it would be perfect as a teaching vehicle for brioche increases and decreases. That was a happy inspiration! I’m teaching the Zoom coaster class next Sunday, March 19, via For Yarn’s Sake. Come knit with me!

7 responses to “Do you repeat knits?

  1. Absolutely! Yes! I have “go to” patterns! Your patterns are great candidates for that category!

  2. Now that’s a scarf I might actually wear!! Yes I definitely repeat patterns I like – Ranunculus, Deschain, Seeing Eyelet to Eyelet, Sea Glass Tee/Sweater, Hermione socks.

  3. Me too! Topographical Scarf by MarinJaKnits and Two Hour Fingerless Mitts on AllFreeKnitting are two I’ve done a few times. I like novelty but sometimes you need a quick win.

    Your leaves are so beautiful, thanks for the recommendation.

  4. Mostly I don’t, but every once in a while I do. When I do it’s because I made something and someone (usually my Mom) also wants one. Or steals the original!

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