Everybody into the pool!

What’s in a name? You may recall that I asked for help naming this pattern. There were a lot of suggestions on the blog and Facebook and Instagram! I didn’t want the name to be color specific, because the piece is meant to work with many color pooling yarns. And the color may or may not spiral, depending on the individual knitter’s stitch count and gauge.

Sue suggested Pooling’s a Cinch, which honored both the pooling and the cinch detail from cowl to hat. Winner! I ultimately decided that “Pooling Is A Cinch” would work better on the internet, and here we are. Congratulations to Sue; I’m sending her a pattern when it’s published next week.

I had so much fun with this yarn from Yarn Snob/Knits All Done. I wasn’t ready to stop, so I’m designing one more piece with it. I absconded with one of the skeins meant for my pooling class at Red Alder, which means there are only 2 spots left. Come knit with me and this amazing yarn! Register here, class is Friday February 15.

You’ll note from the yarn wrapped around the yarn in the yarn bra (do you use these? I love them) that there has been some frogging and re-knitting as I decide how I want this to look. I think I’m on track now, but I thought that the first three times, too. That’s how I design…try it, frog it, try it, frog it, BINGO!

Have you played with color pooling yarn?

5 responses to “Everybody into the pool!

  1. Great project! Haven’t done pooling yet, but I will and soon!

  2. New Media Works

    Hi Michele 🙂

    This is prolly quite random (and off-topic) but I just found your blog via this post … and I can’t find any other way to give you some feedback.

    Speaking of names (I would try to go for short stuff — like maybe “rainbow sky”, but TBH IDK what works & what doesn’t so much … *beyond words* [e.g. “knitting” 😉 ] ) … I ❤ your blog name! 😀

    Just for kicks I checked out whether "knitterati" was available … and it is! 😯 LOL, *everything* is available for a price, but if I were you, then I would go with NETwork rather than a COMmercial name.

    Whatever, nevermind.

    🙂 Norbert

    • Hi Norbert:

      Funny thing, names. I wanted knitterati.com when I started this site about 16 years ago, but someone in the UK already owned it. So I took my local airport code and put it on the front, and I’ve been PDXKnitterati ever since. Now that’s the origin story I tell when I teach/write, and I wouldn’t want to change it. I’ve worked hard to make this brand and I should keep it!


      • New Media Works

        Yea, I totally get that — IMHO I would *add* something new: a network of similar (i.e. networked 😉 ) knitterati projects across the world … so they would be two different things really.