Lazy Sunday? Learning Sunday!

I love that our (grown) kids love to cook. Their Christmas gift for us was eggs Benedict with smoked salmon, and of course mimosas. We moved it to this weekend so it wasn’t squished between Hanukkah brisket and Christmas prime rib. Ryan brought J. Kenji Lopez-Alt’s book over; he likes his science-based approach to cooking and wanted to try emulsifying!

We learned to make Hollandaise sauce, and how to properly poach eggs. It was all delicious.

Calvin got right up into my lap to check it out.

And Bisquee (Biscuit) was not far behind.


5 responses to “Lazy Sunday? Learning Sunday!

  1. I love seeing your cats on the table! We all try to pretend they never do that….but the cats always win! hahaha!

  2. What a super treat. And from your kids! Love it. My kids promised me Eggs Benedict for Christmas morning but they live out in the country and the roads were too icy. They did take me to Flying Fish to make up for it with a platter of a dozen fresh oysters,

  3. What a great gift! They look yummy 🙂

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